Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kuspuk - take 2

I tried to get some more pictures of Ella in her Kuspuk, so on our last day in Alaska I took these pics.

We made it home safely!! The kids were great on the plane, Hunter slept the whole time and Ella was good but she really wanted to get down and move. It is SO hot here!! Yuck.
Found out today that Hunter does get to go to preschool!!! He is so excited. He will be going everyday from noon - 3. I also was able to sign him up for 3-4 year old soccer on base. I imagine it will be pretty cute. They don't need cleats or shin guards, just learning the basics.
Mrs. Deena, Ella's Early Childhood Interventionist, is coming over tomorrow, I am so excited to show off all of Ella's new tricks!! We LOVE Mrs. Deena!!! I'm trying to talk her into moving to Spokane with us!

Ella turns 1 a week from today. I am kind of depressed about it. I feel like I missed out on the first couple of months because I was so messed up. The rest of it went by entirely too fast! Where has all of the time gone? Where did my little baby go?

Still trying to find room for all of the stuff we acquired while we were in Alaska. I'm going to go through the kids rooms today and get out all of the clothes that are too small. We are going to have a garage sale in 2 weeks and I want to get rid of a lot! That's it for now, lots to do!


Michelle said...

what precious pictures! and is she standing up all by herself? Wow!

Amy Flege said...

i am so glad you made it home safely! those pictures are just adorable!!she loves so cute!!

Sandi said...

What a cutie! I think we should arrange a marriage with my cute son:
-great pictures! Sandi

Dr. Summer Beattie said...

I'm getting ready to sew my first Kuspuk for our daughter and saw Ella in hers on a google search - She's a beautiful girl! Thanks for the inspiration! said...