Monday, August 27, 2007

My BIG Guy!!

My baby boy started 3 year old Pre-K today!! I can't believe it. I thought we were going to have a melt down this morning, Hunter said " I can't wait to see my girlfriend." Well his girlfriend, Emily, is 4 and in the 4 year old Pre-K. So, I explained that to him and he was kind of bummed but he did great! Chris came home and we both took him to school, we walked him into his class and took him to the seat with his name and he sat right down and started coloring, no big deal. We stayed for a few minutes and I thought, okay now he is going to get upset as we gave him hugs and kisses. I walked out really slow waiting for him to cry but he never even looked up, what a big boy! When I picked him up after 3 hours, the teacher walks them outside and hands them over to the parents one at a time, he ran to me and gave me a big hug. I said "did you have fun?" He said "Yes, I ate crackers!" In the van I was trying to get him to tell me all he did today but he just told me again about the crackers (must have been really good,) and that he played outside and that a boy got in trouble three times, but that he didn't get in trouble at all. I said do you want to go back tomorrow? and he said "yes, my teacher said I can!" I tried to get some pictures, but it was 101 degrees today and he was too excited or annoyed or hot to stand still for me! Here he is outside of his classroom, (trailer.)
Here he is inside!

Poor Ella on the other hand.... we spent 5 hours at the ER on Saturday night. She has another sinus infection. I HATE taking her to the ER but she kept vomitting, had a fever that wasn't responding to ibuprophen, and couldn't drink her bottle cause she couldn't breath. So I called the ever so helpful nurses line for after hours and of course they said take her to the ER, all I wanted was to know what meds I could give her to make her breath. UGH. What really annoys me is that I KNOW when she has a sinus infection, I want to just be able to call and get a prescription! Anyhow, she is feeling a little better, still sounds horrible but is able to eat now! That's it for today. Hunter starts soccer on Wednesday so I'm sure I'll have pics from that!!!

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Laurie said...

That's awesome that he had such a great day (and great crackers!). I was just thinking today how strange it's going to be when Ian starts pre-k next year...