Sunday, September 23, 2007

3 Beautiful Girls!!!

Ella had 2 friends over today for a playdate, and they had a lot of fun. Well, maybe the mommies had more fun, but that's okay;) Ella and the other two girls, Kenna (16 months) and Olivia (12 months) all have that extra chromosome in common! We met through the girl's ECI therapist, and it has been so wonderful for me to talk to the moms. We don't get together nearly enough but when we do of course we talk about our daughters. What is so amazing is that all 3 of the girls are doing SO GOOD!! It has especially been good for me because those 2 are so positive and they are uplifting to me! We tried, of course at the end of their playdate, to get a picture of the girls together - which trying to get three 1 year olds to sit still is not easy. They were so tired and had the mouth wide open, I just want to sleep look. My mom wanted me to get a picture of them and send it out to all of the parenting magazines out there, and tell them that we want to see pictures, not just articles, but in advertising and other stories of children with Down syndrome and other disabilities. These aren't the greatest pics so we will have to get together again soon and take a picture from the start!
Kenna, striking a pose.
Olivia, watching her mommy.

Ella on her spin and bounce zebra, so proud being a big girl!


Ginger said...

thanks again for writing. Yes MDS kids can have severe issues from what I understand. Just as severe T21. Emma on the other hand is amazing. she is dong fabulous. She is starting to walk with a little leap frog walker thing for kids. She has been crawling for months. All her theraposts say that she really has no delays. She never ceases to amaze me.

Your little Ella is so cute. How old is she? When was she born? Emma will be 1 on 10/12

I am having trouble seeing the pics on your blog and reading the text in the middle column. Any ideas?

Kelly said...

Wow! America's Next Top Model here they come! How nice for you to have the friendship of those moms. I found it made a huge difference in my life to get together with my "DS mommy" friends. Great pictures!

Ginger said...

i really loved looking at all of those sweet baby girls. I wish I could see them all. I as I said before Ella is beautiful and her little friends are equally as beautiful

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Awww! They are all so beautiful. They look like they had fun on their playdate.

Elly's Extras said...

Wow, what absolutely beautiful girls! How neat to have 2 little friends so close in age that are also blessed with 47 chromosomes! They are just adorable!