Saturday, September 15, 2007

Birthday Party


Today we had a 1st Birthday party for Ella and two of her friends, Savannah and Cana. The girls were all born within 9 days of eachother and since we were all pregnant together we decided to all celebrate our babies 1st bday together. We had a good time. The girls were SO cute!!! Our friend Sarah made cute t-shirts for the girls so they all matched. We had about 45 people there. A huge thank you to my friend Jennifer, Savannah's mom, as she did almost all of the planning and was brave enough to have the party at her house, love ya!!!!

As you can see my daughter is the only one who liked her cake!

And boy did she like it a lot!!

Here is a picture of their awful cake, I say awful because that is how it looked! We ordered it from the commisary and it looked like crap, it was off centered, the letter's were different sizes and it was spaced horribly. Jennifer called me in a panic so I rounded up some scrapbook supplies and we improvised the best we could!

We were so excited to have Ella's friend Olivia come to the party!! Olivia is 5 days younger than Ella and has that special extra chromosome too!! She is SO cute!! It's been a couple of months since I had seen her last and she has grown so much. What's really great is that both Ella and Olivia are very healthy and happy and are pretty much hitting milestones at the same time, they are 2 very amazing girls!!!

We tried to get a picture of Ella and Olivia together, but waited too long. Olivia's daddy had already given her a bottle, (which she holds by herself and Ella absolutly refuses!!!) so we tried to take it from her and she started screaming, it was so funny! So I just got a couple of pics of Ella watching her eat her bottle.

This last one the lighting came out weird but I thought it was cute, Ella looks like a giant trying to steal Olivia's bottle!


Michelle said...

How neat the 3 girls were able to have a bday celebration together...and they look adorable in their matching outfits!

You're right - the commissary sure didn't do a great job on the cake, but I think you salvaged it w/the scrapbooking embellishments, what a great idea!

RK said...

That looks like a fun bunch of girls. So neat to get to have friends to celebrate with.

Amy Flege said...

how special that they all three got to celebrate their birthdays together. I hope they can grow up to be the best of friends! loved their matching outfits too!!!!

Laurie said...

Looks like a great time :)

The Mom said...

Ohhh - that is sooo precious!!! Those three girls are just so adorable!!! Happy First Birthday!!!! Hope they all have an amazing year of being ONE - cause you know, one is sooo much fun!!!