Friday, September 14, 2007

ANOTHER sinus infection

or, maybe it is the same one. Ella just went off of antibiotics for a sinus infection last week, and as of yesterday is back on them. Ugh. How many antibiotics can one baby take??
I KNOW that when we go back to the ENT on the 25th he is going to want to discuss taking out Ella's adenoids, which he brought up a couple of weeks ago. Here is my problem with that, my mom met a couple that has a 2 year old with Down syndrome in the Seattle airport, the mom and have emailed a couple of times. Anyhow, she said that her daughter had her adenoids removed when she was 14 months old and has had major swallowing difficulties since, they have to add thickening agent to every liquid they give her. Obviously I do not want that problem. However I also do not want Ella to continue getting sinus infections, the kid has enough problems breathing out of her teeny tiny button nose without thick gunk in it. Poor baby.
Along with her recurrent sinus infection has come a lovely rash. Okay, not so lovely, it is covering her entire body from the neck down with a few little dots on her face. It is the weirdest thing, they are not raised and seem to not bother Ella at all, of course that doesn't necessarily mean anything because she is not bothered by most things. The "doctor" on base said that it could mean that she was exposed to Strep but if that is the case than the antibiotic for her sinus' will treat it. Ugh.
Also yesterday (boy what a fun day) we went up to Oklahoma City to Ella's appointment with the endocrinologist. The good news is that as of right now he doesn't think she needs to be treated. The bad news is that he wants her retested next week, Ella and her chunky little arms are not easy to get blood out of, but she doesn't cry anyway. So, the doctor said that if her levels are the same as they were in June than we will just need to retest her in a year, if they have gone up again than he will treat her now.
Now with all my whining done I have to say that it has really sunk in with me this week how incredibly blessed we are when it comes to Ella's health. Ella is a fat, happy, healthy baby and we are so grateful!
Tomorrow is the girl's birthday party, Ella Savannah and Cana all turned one within the past two weeks and we thought we would celebrate together. We are so excited!! So, I will definitely have pictures to post tomorrow!!!


RK said...

So sorry she's got it again! Even with all our "issues" I feel thankful we haven't had the cold/sinus stuff that seems to get so many. Hope she doesn't have to have her adenoids out...maybe they can come up with another's hoping!

Amy Flege said...

oh no on the adenoids.. i think i would wait a bit before doing anything. she is so young they will probably grow back anyway!!!
have a wonderful birthday party! cant wait to see the pictures!

Katrina said...

Hi Kacie, I just wanted to recommend for you to start Ella on probiotics if you haven't already, her lttle body needs to replenish the good bacteria that the antibiotics have killed off. You can get a good tasting powder form at a health food store and mix into her juice. Also check into getting her on some good vitamins to strengthen her immune system. One more thing, get some fresh chopped garlic into her spaghetti or the is a natural antibiotic--it is great for everyone!!


ps I still haven't started my own blog but would like your email address again to send ya a pic of Jacob and I. Oh, there is one more thing called Host Defense that is made of different mushroom extracts, I think little kids can use it..It is the best!! And another thing..use a humidifier and a clean air machine in her room, I think they may even have one that does both things now..You HAVE to get this for her as she is prone to having allergies. Sorry this is so long I just want her to be well and keep her adenoids!