Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ella is getting MARRIED!!!

Okay so not for a while but we know who she will marry : )

Tonight Chuck E Cheese had a free night for all of the kids from the Guild School (where Ella goes to school) and their families. It was so nice, free pizza and lots of tokens!! Hunter of course had a blast with his friend Rex, Ella rode a couple of rides, and I had fun talking to some of the other moms. Here are some pics of Ella and her husband-to-be Riley.

Riley is about 3 months younger than Ella and is SO cute!! Just so happens that he also has a cool older brother named Rex, and he and Hunter get along great!

I think this is the only time I actually saw Hunter all night : )

Below are pics of Ella and McKenna. They look so much alike, though it is hard to tell in these pics. And it is funny because their personalities are very much alike as well! They are in different classes at school but go at the same time. We usually say bye in the hallway after class and everyone that walks by comments on how much alike they are. McKenna is about 10 months older than Ella, and she is a wild woman!! You should see her run the halls at school!! Because their personalities are so much alike of course neither one wanted to sit still for pictures!!

McKenna's mom and the girls


Our Story: Continued said...

Well, isn't McKenna just the cutest thing? And she has the COOLEST name (if I do say so myself!) Ella is so sweet! I love seeing her cute face!


Kristen said...

Kacey...thank you! Seriously...a BIG thank you for writing what you did! It brought the calm to my storm I am feeling tonight. I really like that quote too. In all this I've struggled with people saying "God doesn't give you more than you can handle". What the heck is that suppose to really mean?!! Your quote:

God doesn't give us what we can handle....God helps us handle what we are given

Now that makes sense to me.

Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Go Ella! He's hot! ha ha ha ha ha That second to last picture of McKenna and Ella is so adorable!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

SO cute!!! I loved all the pics! Can we come to Ella's wedding?

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures. Especially where Riley is driving the fire truck and Ella looks like she is plotting her escape.

OK so I have to admit I've been nosey and reading comments and checking out the other sites... your comments about God not giving us more than we can handle.....I can't believe it. I put my blog up on myspace last night and said the exact same thing. I think bringing your family into our life is one way he is helping us deal with "deal" with Riley having DS. I was so angry and hurt at first like God had let me down some how but as the year has passed I have started to see how many ways he was and is working miracles in my life.
What I still find amazing is the ups and downs I still feel when I think about the road that Riley has ahead of him. I hate it that any of our kiddos will have to work that much harder to to keep up or that they will be judged for how they look. I think my dream for both my boys is that the joy in their life far out weighs the struggles. The joy they have brought to my life has been amazing.
At least Ella and Riley will have each to face the world with. Everyone needs a friend!

Anonymous said...

Ok I must say my future nephew-in-law is ADORABLE! They look like they get along splendidly. Ella just commands everyones heart wherever she goes. Hopefully Riley won't get too jealous when all of the other boys start wanting Ella's attentions! And that little McKenna is so pretty. She does look like Ella, especially in the pic of the two of them smiling. They both look like they could get into a lot of fun together! Looks like it was a real fun night for Ella and Hunter! I love that smile on my cute little nephew! Glad you had a good time too! Love you all, Aunt Tami and family

Michelle said...

Oh, Ella & Riley are TOO CUTE! I want to come to the wedding, too! How fun that Ella has so many great friends (and that they have siblings to share with Hunter!)

Mary said...

I see the resemblance! They're all such cute kiddos. Ella is as beautiful as ever.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Ella has great taste! And wow that is a beautiful bunch of kids!

Amy Flege said...

they look like the perfect couple!! how cute!!!

The Bliss Family said...

Congrats to Ella on getting married! The pics of the kids are all so cute! McKenna is adorable and yes, the girls do look alike. My husband says Natasha is not allowed to have any boyfriends. Ever. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you that Riley will be all set for the big day once he has his surgery. He will now have a ring finger to put that wedding ring on :-)