Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A poem and 2 tags!

Renee posted a really nice poem on her blog that I had never seen before so I thought I would share it! (I particularly thought of my blogging buddy Kristen, who is in need of some encouragement and support right now )

A Special Child
by Sharon Harris
You weren't like other children,
And God was well aware,
You'd need a caring family,
With love enough to share.
And so He sent you to us,
And much to our surprise,
You haven't been a challenge,
But a blessing in disguise.
Your winning smiles and laughter,
The pleasures you impart,
Far outweigh your special needs,
And melt the coldest heart.
We're proud that we've been chosen,
To help you learn and grow,
The job that you have brought us,
Is more than you can know.
A precious gift from Heaven,
A treasure from above,
A child who's taught us many things,
But most of all- "Real Love”
Warning : I have edited this post about 5 times and spaced these things out and everytime I hit publish it gets all squished together again. Sorry.
I have been tagged twice in the past week....
RK tagged me for this one
What I was doing 10 years ago - May 1998 I graduated from Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was preparing for my 5th and final knee surgery and working at Equinox Physical Therapy.
5 things on my list to do for today - well since today is almost over I will do tomorrow, 1 - my laundry, 2- Hunter's laundry, 3 - Ella's laundry, 4 - pay bills, 5 - go to bed early (Ella's swallow study is early Friday morning)
Things I would do if I were a billionaire - Buy a house, pay off the mortgages for all of our family's houses, donate money to help find a cure for AIDS, and open a place like Gigi's Playhouse here in Spokane. (Gigi's is a place for children with disabilities to play.)
3 of my bad habits - eat too much, drive too fast, and spend too much time on the computer : )
5 places I have lived - Marietta, Georgia (12 years), Fairbanks, Alaska (9 years), Great Falls, Montana (2 1/2 years), Wichita Falls, Texas (3 3/4 years), Spokane Valley, Washington (3 months)
5 jobs I have had - receptionist at a Physical Therapists, Community Service Officer, 911 Dispatcher, Daycare worker, Cashier at Home Depot
5 people I want to know more about, that means you are tagged - Jennifer M, Shannon E, Kristen (Cayman's mommy), Carolee (Piper's mommy), and Laurie (Chase's mommy)
2nd tag came from Kristen 24 things about me...
4 places I go over and over
1. The Guild School
2. MyGym (Hunter's gym)
3. My gym (where I go)
4 people that email me
1. Jennifer
2. Tami
3. Lorna
4. Carolee
4 of my favorite foods
1. Lasagna
2. Teriyaki Chicken
3. Pizza
4. Salad
4 places I would rather be right now
1. A beach
2. Visiting family, any of them
3. Visiting friends
4. Here with no doctor appointments
4 movies I could watch over and over (just so you know I don't watch movies over and over but if I did...)
1. Steel Magnolias
2. Wedding Crashers
3. Fried Green Tomatoes
4. Backyardigans (I don't have a choice, my son watches it over and over so
I at least have to hear it over and over.)
4 people I want to learn more about, you are tagged...
4. Shannon at


Kristen said...

Ok, so this is how you put the web link in a word. Highlight the word in your blog you want the link to be tagged to. Then hit the "link" icon which is between the "text color" icon and "align left" icon at the top of the gray area where you write a post. Then copy and paste the weblink into the URL space.

Hopefully that makes sense. I couldn't figure it out on my own. I had to have Mike show me. Showing is different than telling so hopefully my directions make sense.

And thanks for leading me that peom. It helped!! a lot!!!

The Bliss Family said...

I love the poem! Thanks for sharing. Natasha is ver petite. We saw the pediatrician on Apr 30 and she weighed 14.3 pounds and is 24.5 inches tall. People come up to us thinking she's about 5 months old and are surprised that she is actually 8. Nick and are not very big people to begin with. Nick (hubby) has tons of family in the Spokane and Coeur d'alene area. He actually went to Gonzaga Prep High in Spokane C/O 1998. Ella Grace looks so pretty! I love following her progress. I on the other hand need to update my blog so I can keep everyone updated.

moplans said...

I like that poem and that is saying something bc most poems drive me insane.