Monday, May 5, 2008


So, it dawned on me that I haven't really posted anything but pictures in quite awhile. Here is what has been going on these past few weeks...
We visited a new pediatrician in early April, our new insurance through Chris' job did not kick in until April 1st, and lets just say that I did not like her at all. She did not seem very receptive to any thing I had to say regarding Ella, and overall I just did not have a good feeling about her. So, for the first time in my child's life I could just pick a new doctor (for those of you not familiar with the military you get what you get). Anyhow found a pediatric office that I really like. The nurse practitioner that we saw whipped out a sheet with recommended tests and screening for children with Down syndrome and low and behold their were a couple of things Ella has never done. So, fun fun fun we are appointment heavy these next couple of weeks! We have already done the recheck of her thyroid (it was low last year) and it turned out in the normal range!! Both kids had their first ever dentist appointment, Hunter did wonderful, Ella was not so crazy about it but the dentist said that both looked wonderful! Ella got her new braces last Friday, they have put her in the Sure Steps, so we had the fitting appointment with the orthotist. This week we have the ENT (she still has never passed a hearing test) and then on Friday we have a swallow study. This is a new and troubling development to me, her speech therapist that she sees on Wednesday's and Friday's at her school, has been working with her drinking out of an open cup. ( All of a sudden Ella has been leaking more fluid out of her mouth when drinking out of a bottle, sippy cup or open cup. And she has been doing this weird tongue thrust thing when she is eating that she had never done before.) I brought up my concerns to the ST and she has been working with Ella on these, anyhow through this work she has noticed that whenever Ella drinks she becomes very raspy and wet congested sounding and thinks that Ella is aspirating some of her fluids. Ugh. So, Friday we have an appointment at the children's hospital, which her speech therapist will go to with us. They are going to feed her food and drink laced with Barium and watch as she swallows. I dread this. I mean really what can you do?? We (her speech therapist and I) have already tried thickening some of her fluids and it seems to not make a difference. Let me just tell you that there is no possible way that that child will stop eating and drinking so what can you do? Next week we have her hip X-ray and ultrasound (on the recommended list) and then the week after that we have a three hour allergy testing (because she has tested positive for egg white and peanut allergies.) Fun, let me tell ya.
Last Saturday (April 26th) was my birthday and I started out the day by going to a ladies tea with my friend at her church, it was fun and nice to get out with no kids : ) We had to cut it short though because I had to go to the airport to pick up my dad and his girlfriend that flew in from Georgia. As soon as we picked them up we went to Ella's school for their annual Penny Drive to raise money, so we all stood out on the side of the road with signs and jugs and got money from people passing by. Even Ella helped out, she was so stinking cute, she held a milk jug shaking it the whole time while waving at every car that passed by with her other hand. We had a great week long visit, too short of course, but it was good and fun. The kids got a ton of attention, now of course they are not very happy to just have boring old mommy here : ) Anyhow, that is what's been going on around here, here are a few pics.....
my dad his girlfriend Debbie and
the kiddos on their last day
here I am saying "everybody look
happy!!!" No one wanted their picture
Excuse me, clap for me!!!
So naughty!!! Standing in the rocking
I'm afraid this is what would happen
to a real diddy (kitty) good thing
I don't like cats!
free standing in middle of room!
she changes activities like the wind
busy busy busy
here is the look I get when I don't do
what she wants fast enough. she wants me to read her this book.
oh so naughty again. she pushes the
rocking chair up to the couch and climbs on up. Naughty, but smart!
hmmm, how do I turn on the tv?


Jennifer said...

Look at how big she's getting. Savannah does that same thing-standing on things...well, she stands on a baby stroller. Sooo cute!!!

Laurie said...

Yick- sorry about the whole aspiration junk...we had the swallow study done, and it was really kin dof cool to watch, though! Hope you get an answer...

I can't believe how active Ella is-- getting into EVERYTHING! How awesome (and tiring!) is that?!?!

Melanie said...

Please let me know how the swallow study goes! Logan's therapists are recommending Logan gets one done soon. He has a very hard time with thin foods and liquids.
Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys sure have been busy! I cant believe how long little missy's hair is getting-so pretty! Glad to hear she got her orthotics and that everyone involved with her is keeping up with the next thing coming. The swallow study should be no big deal for her and hope it comes out ok. Also nice to know that my brother didnt do anything to provoke you to push him into the street during the penny drive-Ha Ha! Love, Aunt Tami and family

Mommy and Peepers said...

Wow, you are gonna be busy. If you need doctor suggestions I can help. And just holler if you need me to watch Hunter more often. He'd love to play with Mr Buck our basset hound. See ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a week you are having with appointments. Rex had a swallow study when he 2. It was hard to get him to drink the stuff. They even tried to hide it by adding chocolate. It will be nice to have your therapist with you. At least someone will know what they are talking about and Ella will be a little more comfy. When you are at the ENT you will be right by my office. There is a starbucks up the street...wanna grab a coffee after? Hope you are able to relax after this week!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

LOL! I had to laugh at the "everybody look
happy!!!" comment! It sounds like me! I am always saying, "Aw c'mon and pretend like your happy!"

Kristen said...

Lots and lots of appointments. I empathize and sympathize.

Your pictures are so cute. I love how expressive Ella is! I was picturing her holding the milk jug and waving as I read your story. It made me laugh and smile. I bet that brought in more money! It better have!! She's so darn cute!!

Sandi said...

I can't believe how active Ella is, climbing on that rocking chair to a stand! Wow.

Sorry about the aspiration, we have had two swallow studies and still are drinking miserably from an open cup.

Just an fyi, and every kid is different, but Tommy could smell/taste that barium thru anything and was reluctant to drink which made him aspirate even more. Next time I'm going to trust my mommy insticts more and ask the folks in the room for a break.

Take care!!

RK said...

Glad for the update. We had a swallow study scheduled, but they cancelled it because they didn't think she would need it AND there's no way that she would take that much liquid by mouth.

She's looking gorgeous as usual. OH, and in case you didn't see it, you were tagged on May 1. :o)

Dawn said...

Ella is too cute. I love the faces she makes. just a baby doll