Thursday, May 17, 2007

Big Girl

Oh my goodness, she is getting so big. I wish I could just pause her or at least slow her way down, she is growing up way too fast. Here is Ella in her new big girl car seat, that's right she is now too heavy for her infant carrier, didn't expect that from her at 8 months old. Of course I should have learned by now that Ella will always move faster than my expectations, or at least what I thought at first. It's not that I thought she would never grow or be able to do all that she is doing, it's just when doctors tell you that your baby girl will be smaller than "normal" children and will develop at a much slower pace it's kind of hard to in vision the future. I certainly didn't think that at eight months my preemie would weigh 20 and a half lbs. I didn't think she would be smiling, giving kisses, eating baby food, babbling ALL the time, standing in her execersaucer, almost sitting up..... I could go on forever. I certainly didn't think that she would already be so much fun and so interactive, so opinionated and have such personality. At first the future just seemed so bleak and my life was just a fog, but know the future is promising and my life is filled with more delight than I ever dreamed of!!!

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