Monday, May 14, 2007

Bikini Beauty!

Okay, so it's not a traditional bikini, but it is as close to one that my little fair skinned baby can wear. Poor thing, she has my skin. It's that dreaded time of year again here in Texas, summer. Did I mention that I am from Alaska???? It has been in the 90's for 2 days, so we have busted out Hunter's swimming pool (which the child lives in) and suffering the heat. I don't think Miss Ella is going to do so well in the heat, she is a very hot natured baby and breaks out in heat rashes all over. Thank goodness this is our last summer in Texas : ) Ten and a half months and counting and we are out of this place!!! I don't mean to sound totally over joyed about leaving, while we are not fond of Texas we have met some incredible friends here and will miss them. We are trying to convince everyone we know to move to Spokane. After much consideration we have decided not to move back to Alaska. We think that Fairbanks would be good for Ella as a young child (the town really rallies around people esp children) but it's a small remote town and I fear that there will not be enough opportunity for her as she gets older. Plus being a small town I fear that there will not be children like her that are her age, and I never want her to feel alone. SO, after a lot of research and asking other families we have learned that Washington state has excellent medical care and is really progressive in education programs for people with disabilities. For the rest of us it's seems like our kind of place, lots of outdoorsy things to do, reasonable cost of living and 4 actual seasons. Can you believe it FOUR seasons. I don't know if I have ever actually lived somewhere with 4 seasons. Alaska is cold for 8ish months and then nice for 4, and Texas is HOT for 8ish and then okay for 4. So Spokane sounds like the best spot for us all. Plus my wonderful parents are going to sell their house in Alaska and move there too. My dad is retiring from the Fairbanks Police Department after 29 years and after living there for most of his life, he and my mom are just going to pick up and move, all so that they can be by my kids. Pretty cool parents!!!!
Anyhow, so Ella is a little beauty in her bathing suit, Hunter said that she needs one for when we go to the water park (his favorite place on earth) so here she is her rolls and all, aren't they great!!!

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Michelle said...

she is adorable in her bathing suit!