Monday, May 21, 2007

Piggy Tails

Ella's hair is kind of crazy, well at least it drives me crazy. It all grows towards her forehead so that it hangs in her eyes. Her hair is so fine little clips fall out all the time so I tried the piggytails, her brother thought they were pretty funny!!!


Liesl said...

sorry about the hair growing forward--such is life with a second-born girl! Eden and barrettes still don't work very well, but those little elastic bands that look like the bands you put on braces work great. I got some at dollar general (like 200 for a buck) :-)
Ella is such a doll.

Jennifer said...

I love love love piggy tails. I'm so jelous of your hairy baby. Even Liels' baby is a hairy baby.. ha ha. Inside joke.