Saturday, May 12, 2007


Here are some pictures of Ella eating. I started giving her Gerber fruit puffs, (a favorite of Hunter's when he was a baby.) I know that you are supposed to wait until they can pick up objects with there finger and thumb ( the pincher,) but frankly I don't have any idea when that can be and the kid wants to eat. So, with a little help from big brother she is hooked on puffs!!!

I took Ella in yesterday for a weight check, we are monitoring her weight for 3 months, when her thyroid was tested at 7 months it was in the normal range but close to being low so they will retest her in a couple of months, anyhow, she weighed 20lbs 5ozs. Can anyone tell me what happened to my preemie???? Was she eaten by this huge baby???? I have to say except for worrying about her thyroid, I am quite happy that she is a big baby. It is quite normal for children with Down syndrome to be smaller than average, usually due to some difficulties eating, but not Ella, she has been a great eater from day one and obviously has no problem packing on the weight. The down fall to her current weight however is that now we have to change car seats, as she weighs too much for her infant carrier. I don't really know how I am supposed to go grocery shopping or anywhere else I haul the kids. She can't or rather will not sit up yet so I can't stick her in a cart, and there is no way I am going to carry her 20lb self around Walmart. Guess Chris has to go grocery shopping with me, or better yet can stay home with the kids : )

Quick Hunter story. Last week my mom, Chris and I were sitting around the living room while Hunter was playing. Hunter said "Bye mom, I'm going to work." I said " Bye Hunter. Where are do you work? " (this is a game we play a lot, he usually is a cop, fireman, or a garbage truck, not a garbage man a truck.) Expecting the usual Hunter says "I'm going to work with kids with Down syndrome." I said what did you say, surly I didn't hear this right, " I SAID I"M GOING TO WORK WITH KIDS WITH DOWN SYNDROME!!!!" Hunter said clearly annoyed that I didn't hear him the first time. It brought a tear to my eyes. I said "Well, that's a really good job Hunter." He said "Yeah like Deena and Barbara." and then ran off to work.

Deena and Barbara are Ella's ECI (early childhood intervention) therapists. They are so wonderful and are equally as wonderful with Hunter as with Ella. I kept wondering when Down syndrome would come up with Hunter. He is an extremely observant kid so I know he has heard it mentioned a few million times in the past 8 months but he has never said a word about it until now. That same day I received my new calendar from Gigi's Playhouse in the mail, each month has pictures of Downs children dressed up in costumes, policemen, actresses etc. We were looking at the pictures and Hunter said those kids are like Ella. He really is quite a smart kid and I am so thankful that he has Ella in his life, I know that it will make him a more compassionate and patient man. Likewise I am so thankful that Ella has Hunter, he truly is an amazing kid who is going to teach her so much!!!!


Courtney said...

I love my niece and nephew. They are amazing kids from an amazing mom!

Michelle said...

what a great big brother she has! Happy mother's day!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness she is getting so big!!!! I miss her!!!!

Laurie said...

You Hunter story made me cry! I hope that Ian grows up with that same insight and compassion.