Thursday, July 10, 2008

The boy

I don't blog nearly enough about Hunter. I brag on Ella all the time because she works so hard but Hunter is just as incredible and he needs to be bragged on too!! He is hard to put into words, he is one of those kids that you just have to meet. He is so stinking smart it is not even funny, the kid wows me daily! He has an incredible memory, he has our address, phone numbers, license plates, his address from Texas, his Nana's new house address, he gives accurate directions (to Grandpa who always gets lost : ) He knows the state where all of his relatives live, and boy the kid has a ton of family, he is a whiz at puzzles, he is starting to read.....I could go on and on, the kid can remember anything.

Not only is he smart but he has the most wonderful personality! He is super funny, the most social child I have ever met (knows no strangers), also very sensitive, and an absolutely wonderful big brother. Of course you can just look at him and fall in love with him, he has such beautiful big blue eyes! At T-ball he is always a hit with the parents of his team and the opposing team! He even has his own fan club (and no it's not us.) He cheers on his team mates when they are up to bat, and anything the head coach wants yelled out she asks Hunter to tell the rest of the team. Hunter puts a smile on the face of everyone that meets him!!!

I've been on the search for a pre-k for Hunter to start in the fall. This is a hard thing. In Texas Hunter was in a preschool for 3 year olds in the public school system. SO, he went to actual school, with a real certified teacher. I do not want him to go to a daycare that says they do preschool. I am really liking the Montessori school for him!!!

Anyhow the shirt that he has on in these pictures are from his uncle Dustin. He got it two Christmas' ago (it was the smallest size Dustin could find.) It is from my brother and his wife's university, Kennesaw State University, in Georgia. It says Smart Cookie on it, which describes Hunter well!!!!

This is him doing a
"thinking" pose.

Being silly.

Pointing to Smart Cookie

This is his "player stance"

from T-ball.


RK said...

Way to brag, Kacey! And he deserves it! Hunter for President!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Hunter deserves some bragging. He is a fun little guy with a personality that never ends. Rex has a ton of fun with him. You and Chris have done a wonderful job and the kids are lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Shannon said...

I agree...Hunter for President! :)

Liesl said...

wow, he puts eden to shame :-P she is still learning letters, somehow, on her own, with noone but elijah working with her. oh, the poor little second-born! i've got some work to do, it seems!

hunter is a great kid!

Kristen said...

I know when I first saw his picture I fell in love with him! He looks so sweet! I love the pictures of him hugging Ella. It shows how sensitive and caring he is. You are a proud mama for so many great reasons! What an awesome boy you have! If i ever have a son someday I hope he's just like you described Hunter to be!

His memory...that is amazing!!! Does he want to share some of his ability? I think I have lost my memory in the many hours of lack of sleep :o).

Michelle said...

What a wonderful kid - Ella is lucky to have such an awesome big brother!

Anonymous said...

Our little nephew is quite "amazing" too! Of course none of the brags are news to us--we agree completely!!! Hunter is one remarkable kid, but of course he has two remarkable parents raising him! We could go on and on about how proud we are of our little nephew! WE LOVE YOU BUNCHES HUNTER AND ELLA!!! Hugs and kisses to all of you--Aunt Tami and family

Mary said...

He sounds amazing but I didn't doubt that for a minute. You can see how wonderful he is in the pictures you post.