Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We had a pretty good 4th of July weekend. On Thursday we took the kids to an indoor waterpark in Idaho and they had a blast, didn't take my camera though. That night when we got home I ended up having to take Hunter into the ER. Hunter had his 4 year old checkup on Tuesday (I know a little late but we didn't have insurance on his actual birthday.) Anyhow, he checked out good for the most part. He did fail his eye exam, although I'm not sure if he was fully cooperating, and his iron test came back low. He recieved his 4 year booster shots, two in each arm, no big deal. Well Thursday when we got to the waterpark it looked like he had a mosquito bite on his arm, by the time we were leaving it was the size of an egg, really hard, dark red, and really hot. Great. So I called his doctors when we got back in they tried to send us to an urgent care clinic but it was already closed so they sent us down to the ER. It went really quick. They said that they have seen this before, for some reason the 4 year old Tetanus booster can do this sometime, the doc said for whatever reason it is only the 4 year old booster that does this. But they treat it like it is infected just in case because it looks the same. So they gave us a script for antibiotics.
Friday we mostly just hung around the house, we attempted to go to the park downtown and were there for about an hour but it was hot and the kids were cranky so we headed home.
Saturday we drove around for 7 hours and looked for a new used car for Chris, he ended up getting a Dodge Neon. It was the only car we found with relatively low miles. Let me tell ya with gas the way it is there are a TON of trucks and SUV's out there, but not so many cars.
Sunday we were supposed to have a picnic at the park with our Down syndrome family network. Only my friend Mary and I showed up. So pathetic. Not the first time this has happened. So, we decided we would go to a different park, more fun for the older boys and Mary called a friend of hers and had them meet us out there. We officially have our own Down syndrome support group!!!! Here is Ella, Elliot and Riley

Here are a few more I took at the park.

Ella drinking out of her
baby doll's bottle.

Walking away from Grandpa.

Just being pretty.

Ella is so happy to be sitting by
her boyfriend Riley. He on the
otherhand is annoyed because
we moved him away from his
Goldfish crackers : )

Later that day we headed to Mary's (Riley's mom) house for a BBQ!! Thanks so much for having us over!! The older boys, Rex and Hunter, had a blast together and Hunter got to try the slip and slide for the first time.

Look at that beautiful little girl
peaking up at me.

My best attempt at a group shot.

Hunter and Rex.

Oh the bubbles.


Tracy said...

Kacey, I can't get over how much the kids have grown since you left. Ella is just beautiful and Hunter is as handsome as ever. You guys are greatly missed here. Thanks for sharing the pics of your crew.

Bethany said...

OMG she is the cutest thing ever!!

Michelle said...

That little Ella, I just want to kiss her up!! And then I'll kiss up the other kids, too! Seriously, what a bunch of cute kids!

Mary said...

I could pick Ella up and squeeze her to death because she is so cute! I love the rolls on her arms.

I love the slip n' slide pic. It looks like so much fun!

Kristen said...

Poor Hunter. That seems scary to think of a shot that is suppose to be helpful turns out not to be. I'm not too sold on all these vaccines the doc says our kids should get. I've been hearing more and more bad things related to them, like autism.

The park looked fun! Way to go, you and Mary, to get your support group started! I really want something like that for us with Cayman. I have several other mom's i converse with over the internet (none live around here) but I long for it to be in person. We've been talking to our local Early Intervention program to see if we can get something like that going.

Ella is seriously so beautiful!!! She definitely has her own looks. I think I'd be able to pick her out of a crowd of DS children. But then again, her mama is very beautiful! Have I ever told you I love your hair!! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like a busy weekend! Glad to hear that Hunter's arm is ok. That tetanus one can be the pits! You can boost his iron back up by giving him a kids multivitamin with iron if he needs it. Happy to hear that Chris got a car. A neon should be really good on gas! I absolutely LOVE the pic of Ella in the very first pic, her with the two other boys. She looks so beautiful in that pic striking a pose and everything. She looks like she should be on a magazine! It seems Hunter had a lot of fun on the slip and slide! Looks like Hunter had lots of fun playing and blowing bubbles, Dad and Mom had fun with him too blowing bubbles when they were there. The kiddos just keep getting cuter-if that is even possible! Give them both big kisses from all of us and one for you two as well! We love you all and miss you more! Love, Aunt Tami and family

Melanie said...

Logan's floaty came from Walmart. They have a turtle and a crab.

Kele said...

Kacey, coming to your blog to view Ella gives me so much hope for my Pres. Yes, that is Medical City in Dallas. We live in Rockwall 15 miles east of Dallas. You say you live in WF? If so, that tickles me to think there is someone in this blogging world close and could possibly meet in the near future!! :-)

The Bliss Family said...

I love the pics. Ella looks so happy with her boyfriend. The arm rolls are so stinking cute.

Sabrina said...

Ella is the cutest. Look at those big blue eyes. My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and also has DS. Check out our blog

Sabrina said...
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Kele said...

Hey Kacey, I tagged you! Come check it out! :-)

Heather said...

Well,Ella Grace certainly does have a pretty face! Thank you for finding us and we too will come back to check in on your darling family!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes our own support group. Even if it is small I does the trick. You know I don't play well with others so small is good :-) It has been wonderful for us to find your family. I love that Riley will have some friends of his own. All of our playmates up to now have been friends with kiddos Rex's age. It is fun to have a family that we have so much in common with, so now we don't have to choose kids with DS or Rex's friends because now we have Hunter for Rex to play with and Riley and Ella will eventually move past just watching each other. It also doesn't hurt that the moms and dads get along too! Justin needed another dad to hang out with even if they talk more about how crazy thier wives are and less about DS but still it is good for him. It is good for all of us :-)