Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Little Beauty - Final Edition

Okay, here is my last post of this series of pics. Ella has become very girly lately. She is obsessed with shoes, has to put everyone's on and attempt to walk around in them, which is quite funny to watch! She also enjoys pulling all of hers and Hunter's clothes out of their drawers. She will hold them up to herself, tuck it under her chin and come out and show us. She pats on the article of clothing and laughs, that is our cue to say "Awwww, you are so pretty!" She enjoys playing with and wearing beaded necklaces and bracelets! Her newest favorite is her purse. She puts her arm through the strap and holds it in the fold of her elbow, it is SO stinking cute. Today Ella went into the bathroom, closed the door behind her, opened the drawer and had my mom's makeup. When my mom went in, Ella started yelling and growling at her while turning her back so my mom wouldn't take the makeup from her. Anyhow here are some pics of her and her purse.

Oh yeah, I wanted to share an email I got the other day.....

Dear Kacey-

I found your blog and started reading about your family and your beautiful daughter Ella Grace - she is gorgeous! So is Hunter!

Anyway, a couple hours later and I feel compelled to write you. I am completely drawn to babies and people with Down Syndrome. I guess it's because in this imperfect world, I believe God created them absolutely perfectly. They don't have an extra chromosome - we are lacking one. They don't make judgements about people - they just love unconditionally and with their whole heart and soul.

I have been lucky enough to know children and adults with Down Syndrome and I believe the reason some people act the way they do is because they are afraid of the unknown. You are doing a wonderful thing on your blog by educating people about what a precious gift your little "ballerina dancer" is! Thank you.


Very cool! I love receiving emails and comments like this! It makes me feel like I am doing a good thing!


Bethany said...

Adorable. I love the email you got, I actually have been meaning to post about something similar ... just about all the cool emails I get from people and new parents of kids with DS.

Ella's princess purse is too cute ... she and Payton would get along perfect! LOL

The Bliss Family said...

I love how she holds her purse! That's so cute. Purses and shoes, just what every girl loves...and already playing with make up!!?? I love reading your updates and about how her little personality is developing. Something to look forward to with my Natasha.

Kristen said...

You are definitely doing a good thing. How nice it is to receive such a beautiful email confirming that!

Ella is so cute! I like the makeup story. I like how she knew it was going to be taken away, she immediately starts protesting. So funny!!

I just love that dress!! She models it perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Our two little girls should get together and put on a fashion show! Shay and Ella would have such fun together--playing dress up and putting on play make up! What a little lady she is becoming-I just cant believe how grown she acts for such a little peanut! I love how Hunter is holding her hand and being such a gentleman! They are precious and we miss them badly! Hope you all are doing good! We love ya's--Aunt Tami and family

Robin said...

She is just the cutest thing ever!!! Sorry have not been by in a while...just now getting the chance to catch up. Sweet Ella Grace!

JaybirdNWA said...

She is a cutie. My wife and I just welcomed our 5th child into the world who was born with DS. We have chosen to chronicle our experiences for friends and family to stay updated and also to provide a little education. Our blog can be found at

Heather said...

She is so very precious.I try to picture Zoey doing all the same things and some times it is so difficult for me to see,to see the future. But seeing Ella gives me hope.She is absolutely beautiful.