Monday, January 7, 2008

ENT Checkup

Ella and I drove up to Lawton, OK today for her followup hearing test and tube check on her ears. First we went in with the audiologist and for the first time in her 16 months of life Ella passed the tymphanogram (don't know the details but they put a probe in her ear press a button, before her results would come out as a flat line, today it was mountains and valleys) they attempted various hearing tests that Ella decided she was too busy for. She kept yanking the prob out of her ear and trying to throw herself on the floor so she could be on the move. Then they put us in the sound booth and again she was very uninterested in cooperating! Anyhow the audiologist said that she did 100% better on the test as far as hearing the voice part of it but that once we move we should have further testing done. Yipee.
Then we were sent back out to the lobby to wait for the ENT Doc. I sat down by an elderly lady and Ella started smiling and hamming it up for her. The lady said "oh, I bet she is a handful." Yep. She told Ella that she is beautiful and asked "can you say thank you?" Nope. "how old is she?" 16 months. "is she walking?" Nope. "can you say mama?" Nope. So after a deep breath I tell the lady, "she has Down syndrome." "oh yeah" she says "a little bit. You can see it in her eyes." Ugh. Whatever, at least I'm past the anger stage (sometimes.) Then she proceeds to tell me that her cousin's niece's daughter (follow that one?) has a baby that is autistic but she doesn't look like it not one bit. Oh. Luckily I was saved by the nurse.
So, the Doc looks in Ella's ears, everything looks great. He gave me the results of the allergy panel they took while she was under for the surgery. GREAT NEWS : Ella is NOT allergic to the American Cockroach!!! Well all that worry for nothing! Anyhow they did a 15 panel test and yes the cockroach was on it (gotta love Texas) no allergies to dust mites, mold, cats, dogs, milk, oranges, soy, malt, but she is allergic to egg whites and peanuts. Huh? On a scale of 0 to 5 she was a 3 on the eggs and just a 1 on peanuts. The doctor said that the egg thing could be from vaccines. Okay let me just make a side note here that I am reading Jenny McCarthy's book about her son is "cured" from Autism (I'm sure that I will comment more on that at a later date,) so as if I am not scared enough about immunizations then the doctor tells me this. He said that almost all vaccines are cultivated in eggs. Great. So, now what? I have no clue.
Anyhow, all and all it was good I guess. I KNOW that Ella is hearing so much better simply by her reactions to sound and her drastic increase in her being vocal.
On the home front Hunter started back to school today which he was so happy about!! Me too : ) And Ella's handle for her baby doll buggy that we got her for Christmas came in, because of course it was missing. It's pretty funny cause really it is probably to high for her, but she thinks she is big. Here are pics from that.....

She is just so big!

One handed, checking out what brother is up to.

And, here is what happens when you try to walk holding on with one hand. But, even when she falls she still beams with pride!!! God I love this baby!!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Glad to "hear" the hearing test went better... not too sure what to say about the lady in the waiting room. My grandma STILL says "Kennedy IS a little bit Down syndrome" even though I've explained and explained. Whatever. LOL Ella looks adorable with her new stroller! I love it! :)

Melanie said...

I am glad Ella's hearing is better. Logan would not cooperate for the other test where he has to be quiet either. I hope in two weeks he will be quiet and still so we can find out how well he can hear, but I am not counting on it. He hates anything touching his ears.
Ella is SO cute with her push toy!

Casdok said...

Brill photos!!!

Laurie said...

Awesome news :) Especially about the cockroach allergy...!

I just have to say, Ella is so adorable. She just makes me smile.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I'm glad the tests went well - there's always something confusing isn't there?

I love the baby buggy! Where did you get it? It looks so much more sturdy than most that I've seen. She looks so cute with it!

Jennifer said...

I opened your blog to see if you'd updated it, and Savannah was standing next to me. She looked up at the computer and said, "Lella!" We're going to miss you guys sooo much!

Stephanie said...

don't you wish you could live in complete ignorance and bliss...LOL
Thank goodness you were saved by the bell.
Glad to hear Ella is doing well!
Love the buggy!

Chris said...

Hi, I love peeking in at your site to see Ella's adorable face. Just a word on the egg allergy--my daughter has a lot of food allergies. She is allergic to eggs. She was diagnosed around a year. She can't have the flu shot because that is egg based and when she had the MMR vaccination she need to have it given at the allergist's office because that is egg based and could cause a reaction. All other vaccinations\boosters received since have been fine. For some reason, a lot of kids who are allergic to peanuts are also allergic to eggs. Glad to learn her hearing is better. We are debating having tubes put in my son's ears so it is good to hear about other's experiences.

BeeBop said...

Have just found your space, so don't know if I'm behind the times or not, but relate to every sentence. Our boy has numerous allergies, life threatening ones, so I understand that, too. Don't ya just hate it when everybody has to tell you their Down Syndrome story. I could just scream. Congrats on the hearing test. Kera just passed hers. (way too busy to be still, too)