Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Finally Happening!!!

The Air Force has finally approved our package, meaning my husband's last day in is Feb 3rd. Woo-Hoo. We are so excited. We plan on driving out of Texas Feb 1st and moving to our final destination Spokane, Washington. We both really feel like we are finally starting our lives, which sounds strange, but for me at least it has seemed the last 6 1/2 years that we have always been in limbo. Our family is complete and we are moving to the place where our kids will grow up.

I forgot that I never wrote about all the things we found out in Spokane as far as Ella is concerned. She is currently on the waiting list for The Guild School, which is where all of her therapy will take place until she is 3. They do group therapy in a class of kids her age and then are pulled out individually for specific therapies. I think this will be really good for Ella, she loves trying to do what other kids are doing!!! It is a couple of hours 2 days a week, and yes I can stay there with her! ( When we first toured there I was kind of freaked out. The thought of dropping my 1 year old off at school was not working for me. So, I repeatedly asked if I had to leave, they said that sometimes I may be asked to leave the room but can still watch from a one way window. Simply because kids will do things differently while their parents aren't with them.) Then we also visited a couple of different school districts and picked the one we liked best. They have a preschool, called The Early Learning Center, for when she is 3 to 5. There they have special needs classes as well as headstart type classes. They mainstream the "special" kids into the "typical" classes and again pull them out for therapies, which is what I am really wanting for her. The schools I really like as well. There is also a Down Syndrome Family Network (something this town does not have) they have a little playgroup once a week and then they do a big event (meals etc.) once a month. They also have a parent to parent group which is for parents of all special needs kids. There is 2 children's hospitals in Spokane which will be so nice, no more driving forever for any speciality appointments!!! And, best of all my parents will be moving down (from Alaska) this summer. It will be SO nice for me and the kids to have family around!!!

Anyhow, so we have been busy trying to pack up the house and decide what needs to go into storage and what will be going into our apartment. We are renting an apartment for 8ish months, it is bigger than the house we have been living in for the past 4 years, but no garage, and man do we have a lot of CRAP!!! So, there is the update, off to do more work. Oh I forgot to mention that Hunter is sick AGAIN, so much fun, and I can almost bet ya that Ella will have the same thing in 2 to 5 days.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you a safe and easy move!

Tricia said...

Wow! That sounds great!

I know how moving is (and will soon be doing it again soon)...sounds like you found a GREAT spot!

Happy moving!

Laurie said...

That is AWESOME! All except for the packing and the getting sick stuff ;)

I can't wait for you all to get settled in!! (I feel like I'm moving with you!)

Our Story: Continued said...

How exciting! I hope the move goes smooth!!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

How wonderful!

And although you may want to stay at first, eventually try stepping out for 15 minute intervals and then for a quick errand and eventually you will feel comfortable leaving her. It's over good for the both of you. You will learn to appreciate those alone times. Trust me! Take it slow because I know this is much harder on momma than it is on Ella.

Amy Flege said...

CONGRATS on your move and good luck packing! thats the worst part! sounds like its going to be a great move for your family!