Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hunter's Christmas Party

I switched photo memory cards just before Christmas so I totally forgot about the pictures I took at Hunter's school Christmas party. Hunter goes to 3 year old Pre-K in a public elementary school here in Texas and we love it. It doesn't have the daycare feel at all since it is in a real "big kid" school and Hunter has learned so much!! His class had a little party and at the beginning of it they performed two songs for the parents. They sang Jingle Bells, complete with them actually jingling bells, and their favorite song that they sing at circle time, Peanut Butter and Jelly or as Hunter calls it Peanut Butter a Shelly. It was so cute!! So here are a few pics from that.

Hunter and his teacher, we LOVE her. She is so sweet!!

Hunter wanted Ella to sit with him at the "big kid" table. Even surrounded by all of his friends he is still so loving. He is such a good boy and Ella is so lucky to have such a wonderful big brother!!!

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Stephanie said...

very cute...what a handsome boy he is! And how great that you have a public pre-k like that in the public school system, wish we had that here!