Saturday, January 26, 2008

Then and Now ~ and other stuff

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Hunter Jacob

Ella Grace

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So, now let me tell you a little bit about the fun we have had this week!!! On Tuesday I called the nurse at Pediatrics because I needed a refill on the Albuterol for Ella's nebulizer, she asked how Ella was doing and I told her that she had still been running a low grade fever and coughing. She scheduled us an appt for the next morning and said she wanted them to check her ears since Ella had been on antibiotics for 7 days already for her ear infection and still had a fever. Fine. So, Wednesday morning rolls around and I'm trying to get Hunter out of bed cause he has to go with me since Chris was up in Spokane (by the way it is official Chris was hired by the Spokane Police Department, YAY Hubby!!!!) so I keep going by his roll and telling him to get up while I am getting Ella ready. Finally I decide I'm going to have to get him dressed and up myself so I go in there sit him up and start taking his PJ's off and he feels like he is on fire, 103.5 fever GREAT!!! Luckily Ella's PA is super nice so I knew she would look at him too. Anyhow long story short they decide to test both kids for RSV and Influenza since some other kids at our church, who the PA also sees, have it. In the meantime they also decide to do a chest X-ray on Ella because her O2 stats are in the 80's. Low and behold she has pneumonia. The PA says, she can't let Ella go home like this since she had already been on antibiotics and she will need IV antibiotics. GREAT!! Luckily my grandma was due in in 30 minutes so by the time the PA made all the calls to admit Ella to the hospital I was able to run home say "hey" to grandma drop off sick little boy and go to the hospital. I report up to the 6th floor Pediatrics with Ella as I was told to do and they tell me "oh, you have to go to the ER first." The ER happens to be at the other hospital 3 blocks away. So exhausted, frustrated and in tears I load Ella back in the car and drive to the ER. 2 hours in the waiting room, we finally get called back. Long story short again, they decide to give her a shot of an antibiotic and a steroid and send her home. We get home at 6pm, the nurse from Pediatrics calls and says that Ella's came back RSV positive, (Hunter came back negative Thank God!!!) and that we need to bring her back in the morning so they can check on her. So, next morning I take her in and her O2 stats are in the 70's so again they say that she cannot go home like that. Apparently the city hospital and the base are not on friendly terms so the PA calls a pediatrician down town and asks him to call in orders to get her admitted. They transport Ella by ambulance to the hospital since she had to stay on Oxygen. (2 ambulance rides in less than a month, this child will be the death of me!!!) We get admitted. What a mess. They had an ENT specialist come in to examine Ella because the doctor thought perhaps she was having an adenoid obstruction and would require surgery that night (you know because they assume all children with Down syndrome have huge adenoids) after a very traumatic exam, scope up her nose, the doctor says that Ella's adenoids and tonsils are NORMAL in size, I could have kissed that doctor!!!! Could her O2 be low because the poor kid has RSV and pneumonia??? I mean seriously, either one is dangerous and you combine them???? Last year she was immunized against RSV because it is so dangerous, don't ya think that could be why she was having breathing difficulty???

So, the final theory is that Ella has always had this problem her whole life. They think that when she is tired or laying down because of her muscle tone that she has a "floppy airway" and it causes the dip in her oxygen. They said there was no reason to worry, even though every time it would go down they would run in and put oxygen on her, but that I should get it checked out when we get to Spokane. Ugh. Anyhow I am happy to report that Ella is back to her rotten self, stealing her brother's toys, going where she's not supposed to, and putting everything she can find in her mouth. Oh yeah, did I mention the moving truck shows up on Tuesday and we are driving out on Friday??


Laurie said...

Oh, my Lord! I am exhausted and emotionally drained just reading your post.

Hope everyone feels better soon...hope you can get some rest for yourself someday. Ugh.

rylie's mom said...

Boy, so sorry you had such a rough week! I'm glad she is feeling better!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Congrats on your husband's new job. I hope Ella is doing well soon!

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Robin said...

Ella is beauitful! Are you in Washington?

Robin said...

Send me your email- I edit comments so I won't post it. I was going to send mine but it gets posted on your blog
-Robin (Morgan's mom)

Carey said...

i feel ya! my chelsea tested positive for RSV and showed a little pneumonia on her chest xray. this stuff is just running rampid this year! take care of that and good luck on your move.

Laurie said...

...and I need to dig up some old Ian photos...but I will play, I promise!

Amy Flege said...

love the pictures of the then and now! your babies are beautiful. isnt it fun to look back!!