Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goofing around

I took some pictures of Ella the other day while she was sitting at the kitchen table munching on some Kix. I have been meaning to take some of her wearing her little headband for sometime. I crack up when she wears this and I refer to her as Bret Michaels (the lead singer from the 80's group Poison, no I am/was NOT a fan, but will guiltily admit to watching Rock of Love a couple of times) anyhow he always has on a bandanna and wears it just like this....

I was messing around with the color
on my camera
Hunter wanted nothing to do with
having his pic taken, so I snuck one from
around the flowers in the middle of the
table : )
This last pic is how Ella spends most of her days lately, chewing on her fingers. She has had one new tooth appear, in the front on the bottom. This whole delayed teeth thing is SO strange to me!!! Ella has been pretty crabby the last couple of days as well (well, crabby for her) Chris said today she is recovering from her concussion. She didn't really get a concussion but she was riding on her rocket yesterday and Hunter was pushing her down the tile hallway and, well as you can imagine, he pushed a bit to fast, she flew over the handlebars and landed face first on the tile. Poor kid, but boy she will be tough!!
I received an email the other day telling me that the 2008 Times Square Video was now available to watch online HERE. This was the second year in a row that my two cuties appeared on the jumbo tron during the Buddy Walk! Along with the link to the video I ran across the link to this video, it is a little cartoon based on the book My Friend Isabelle, it is SUPER cute and a great way to explain Down syndrome to kids. So watch it HERE!!!


Jennifer said...

HA HA Brett Michaels. She's too cute. Brian was just looking at the pics and commenting how beautiful she is. :) Wish ya'll could visit.

Becca said...

Brett Michaels! LOL. However, Ella isn't losing her hair. :-) She looks adorable! I'm sorry to hear about her rocket accident. Poor little thing!

Mary said...

I love the do rag. The videoi made me cry so I think that means it is good. How cute. I hope Riley and Ella have friends like that as they grow.

Anonymous said...

She looks so beautiful!! I love the do rag--very cool! And as in the words of Pink she can have a theme song now--"and so what I'm still a rock star, I have my rock moves"! Ha! Rock on Ella Grace! Love ya's--Aunt Tami and family

My name is Sarah said...

Oh very cute.

amy_s_hen said...

Kacey - Cheryl sent me your website and I just love it. The pics of Ella and Hunter are beautiful. They are so happy and it's obvious they are loved so much. God bless you and Chris and I know your website uplifts so many people. Keep it up! You're a wonderful mother and inspiration. Amy Bumgarner