Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We have moved....

We are officially moved into my mom's house, hopefully to never return to apartment life again!!! When I was young and single living in an apartment was the way to go, but definitely not for two small kiddos!!! Last Thursday our apartment was broken into, I accidentally left the door unlocked, while I went to pick Hunter up from school. It took me 5 hours to figure out that we had been broken into : ) We had already moved our furniture and had things in various piles around, stuff in boxes etc. I sat down to eat dinner, I had been using a throw pillow as my table, and realized my pillows were gone. Two very lovely red pillows, covered in baby barf, slobber, snot stains. I thought I was going crazy. I even blamed poor Hunter, thinking he had hid them from me. I went outside to make sure I hadn't loaded them into the van and saw a bottle of my gel hair spray under the stairs. Hmmmm. I went back inside and looked under my bathroom sink and low and behold a basket with all of my hair products (I use a lot to control this crazy curly mess) along with some makeup were gone. SERIOUSLY???? Also gone a lamp, with a nice dented shade. If someone was going to be ballsy enough to break into a residence they could have at least stolen some boxes of already packed items so I didn't have to move them!!! Obviously not very smart people, in plain view were 2 piggy banks full of money, a small flat screen TV, an expensive camera.... All I have to say is there better be some girl out there with curly hair and pale skin getting good use out of my products!!!

Other than that the move went pretty smoothly. The kids are loving living in a big house with room to play!! It is so quiet here I don't know what to do : )

We still haven't hooked up our computer, Chris left Sunday morning for Texas to testify in a trial on a case he worked when we lived there. I opened the computer cabinet saw all the wires and decided to leave that for him. So, for now I am using mom's laptop and therefore have no pictures to post!

Thursday morning is Ella's bowel study, I guess she is getting a barium enema, to hopefully rule out Hirshprung's disease. Then next Tuesday is her appointment with the Cardiologist to see what they want to do about her PDA. Ahhh, gotta love all the appointments. Oh yeah and I went to the dentist today and had a lot of work done, so I am in a bit of pain. Well, that's it for now, hopefully I hear one way or the other on Thursday about Ella!!


Jennifer said...

That is so crazy about your apartment. I was way more sympathetic about your hair product than Chris was. :)
Can't wait to hear about Ella's appointments.
It's nice to have Chris here, but wish you were here to have McAllisters sweet tea with us tonight!!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I think you should hook up the computer. I cant go that long without pictures of the kids. I was bummed I didnt get to talk to you last night. I miss you and the kids, see you in a couple of days...Wendi and Cheryl say HI. Love you, me

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Oh how I feel your pain with the hair products. I would be in tears...it must be the wild curl thing. And to have it happen on the same day as torture at the dentist. I'm so sorry. I sure hope everything goes well with Ella's doc appointments.

Anonymous said...

Glad everything went ok with the move (of course except for the break-in thing!). That is just crazy, after I talked to you I couldnt believe how outrageous it was! Hope Ella appointments go ok on Thurs, give us a call and let us know how it all went and how she did with the enema. We miss you all soooo much! I guess I will suffer until Chris gets home with no pics of the kiddos, I am sure he would like to get the computer all set up for you anyway (Ha Ha)! Love ya's--Aunt Tami and family