Sunday, November 9, 2008

New pics

Well, sort of. I took them a couple of weeks ago back in the apartment, but they will be new to all of you : )
I am hoping to hear tomorrow about Ella's bowel study, and then Tuesday is the peds cardiology appt, hoping for good news there too. Chris just got back from Texas yesterday, while he was down there I had him go into the military clinic and find the info from Ella's cardio appt in Texas, ya know the one that completely cleared her from any heart issues, I am going to write a very nice letter to that doc to inform her that she MISSED A HOLE IN A HEART. I'm not bitter, ha.

Ella has been quite the stinker this past week. I do not have a clue what to do with her. She is biting, hitting, pushing, yelling pretty much everything except for listening. She is pretty exhausting. I've tried time-outs but 1, you have to physically hold her there because of course she will not listen to "stay there" and 2 she kind of finds them funny, laughing with her little nose in the corner. So, obviously not an effective way of punishment. Hunter was SO much easier, yes of course he had his naughty moments but all you had to do is look at him crosseyed, or raise your voice a bit and he melted. Ella, not so much. If Hunter started to walk away from you in public all you had to do was say "see ya later" and act like you were going to walk away and he would cry and come running at you. Ella, says "BYE" and RUNS the other way. Ahhh, I know that her strong will and toughness will serve her very well in life, BUT what do you do with a crazy 2 year old???
Quick funny to me story..... I went to the bank last Monday to switch our accounts from Military checking to just regular checking, something the bank has been wanting me to do. I had both kids with me, which is always fun. We were sitting at this lady's desk, and she was asking all the questions etc, well Ella had had quite enough of sitting so she began her yelling, going limp bodied routine and trying to slide out of my arms to get down and run. This carried on for at least 10 minutes. The lady was really sweet, and tried to ignore the monster. She did say, "how old is she?" I said 2 can't ya tell. Anyhow, I don't know what struck me but as we were finishing up I said to her "the next time you hear someone say that all kids with Down syndrome are sweet I want you to remember this face." Of course I just got a blank look from her, I just kind of chuckled to myself and left. I thought it was funny. I guess I need to keep my little jokes to people that know me.
With all of that said here are some pics. Ella is obsessed with getting clothes out of the dirty laundry pile and put them on. So, we were getting ready for bath time, I put on her diaper and she took off. When I found her she had grabbed her shirt and pulled it up her legs so that the neck of it was around her waist. She then would pull up the bottom of the shirt, tuck it under her chin. She was SO proud of herself!!


My name is Sarah said...

Oh Ella you silly girl.

Kristen said...

More Ella stories that once again have made me giggle. I was trying to picture her screaming, hitting, biting, and just completely acting up...then I look at those pictures, and she is just so pretty and sweet looking. She's got me fooled.

Thanks for sharing all the hat compliments on your quick trip into Macy's. That gives me a boost of confidence. I've been thinking about selling them to help bring in some money for us, especially while Mike is unemployed.

Kristen said...

Kacey, how did you put Ella's pictures up with the title being above it (your header banner). I created mine on Adobe Photoshop and just uploaded it as an image. But I have a friend that wants to create their banner more like how yours is.

Anonymous said...

Adorable as always! I can just imagine the determination that she had while you all were at the bank! It probably has something to do with the 2 thing, but I am certain it is a "girl" thing! Brendan was the angel child and Shay is totally different as far as attitude--so I am convinced it must be a girl thing! Just wait as she gets older it gets more fun! Ha! Glad to hear Chris is back hope his trip to TX was successful! Hope we get to talk to you soon. Love ya's--Aunt Tami and family

Mary said...

OK I'm still waiting for the Dr.'s update. Just so you know I'm expecting a phone call or something tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love the bank story!!! She was speechless, I'm sure.

Ella's little rolls of chub make me smile!

We have had similar issues with Olivia being a stinker. I'm sorry to say I have nothing that worked until she got older. Now I am able to motivate her with Oreos and movies. Gotta love the bribes!