Friday, November 7, 2008

No news is good news????

Right? Ella had her bowel study, or whatever it was on Thursday, as we were leaving the lady that did the test said that they would have the report done today or tomorrow. Well, today is tomorrow and we have nothing. I called my peds office and they said I shouldn't worry because when something is wrong they usually get a phone call before they get the report, so the fact that they have heard nothing should be good. Does that help my anxiety? Not so much. And, Monday is a holiday, great. So, hopefully we will get the results by Tuesday which is also the day we visit the cardiologist.

On the up side, Ella is doing pretty good potty training herself, well the poop side of it anyway. After her barium enema they said to expect an explosion within an hour, well 4 hours later we were at Hastings, the bookstore, and Ella said "poop" and patted her diaper so I took her into the bathroom and she let out a tiny pebble. I wanted to cry, I was SO proud of her. She was sleep deprived, hungry, at a store, and had had an enema and still told me she had to go. I'm really hoping that she does not have Hirshprungs, obviously because I don't want her to have surgery, but this would also set back the pottying!

In Hunter news, my child is a genius : ) Or at least I think so. I had my first parent/teacher conference at his school. His teacher had only wonderful things to say about him, that he is very caring and helpful to all of his classmates, considerate, and just all around a joy. Also that she thinks he will be reading by the end of the school year (he's in Pre-K) and starting multiplication and division. What??? I still don't know my times tables, I'll blame Georgia schools for that one ha ha. Anyhow a 4 year old doing that kind of math, CRAZY. The kid definitely has a knack for numbers, beyond anything I have ever seen and is also a sponge and can memorize things instantly. Hunter is quite the amazing kiddo!!!


Mary said...

Do I see an additional blog in your future or a change in names... maybe the Bode Blog featuring Hunter... Boy Genious and the Amazing Ella Grace.

Please tell me you didn't have any doubt's about what Hunters teachers would tell you. He is sweet lil guy. If you want to keep him that way you may want to limit his play time with Rex. :-)

Jennifer said...

First of all, that is so amazing about Ella and her potty training. She is SO smart! Hunter is, too, of course. We'll be praying about the study! love you!

Kristen said...

Both of your kiddos are so smart...Ella potty training so well and Hunter with that kind of math and, I would be bragging too!!

I hope to hear it confirmed soon that no news really was good news! Waiting is so stressful!