Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some pics

I took some pictures of the kiddos yesterday. I was trying to get one good one of the two of them together, ha ha ha!! Obviously that didn't happen, but here is what I ended up with.

Here are the
"smiles" I
get when I
tell them
to smile.

So handsome

Riding Hunter's old rocket


Playing with my old baby doll crib

patting her baby to sleep

How Ella always watches TV

Still watching

this is the look I get when I interupt her.


Mary said...

Geez mom quit buggin me. I'm trying to watch my show. Oh girl this is just the beginning wait until she has teenage hormones added to the sass.

Cammie Heflin said...

Oh how I wish Addy was mobile sometimes! Ella is too precious!

Anonymous said...

I like the one of Ella looking at her cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh gotta love that attitude! Just wait it gets more fun the older they get--arent girls fun!! Ha! I love that pic of Hunter, too. He is such a pretty boy! Love those blue eyes! He looks a lot like Daddy in that pic! We miss you and love you and hope we talk to you soon--love--Aunt Tami and family

Amy Flege said...

i love the one of them "smiling" at you!! lol!!!

Kim said...

Ah! It's been a while since I dropped in on Ella's blog. I have a picture of Charlie riding the same rocket ship up on our blog right now (a couple posts from the top). He calls it his "ip". Ella is starting to look like a little girl. She is so cute.

Becca said...

Great pics! Ella is just waaaay too adorable! I love the way little kids get totally zoned out in front of the tv. I'll tell Samantha to back up an sit down, and she'll still stare at the tv like that while she's walking backwards. LOL

Shannon said... always! :) I also love your new background, and it motivates me to start looking for something Christmas-y!

And I also tagged you on my blog.

kecia said...

I always love your pictures of your cute kiddos! I love seeing Ella growing! So glad the tests cam eback good. good luck with the surgery!