Friday, October 10, 2008

21 things about Ella

Get It Down; 31 for 21

I saw this on Areian's blog, (who if you have never seen is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen!!!) so thought I would copy it!! In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month here are 21 facts about Ella for T21!!

1. Ella was born 6 weeks early and only needed help for an oxygen hood
for 2 hours!!

2. She is very girly these days, obsessed with beaded necklaces, purses
shoes, lotion, clothes, pretend lipstick.....

3. And yet she also has some tomboy in her, she LOVES to play cars
with Hunter complete with car noises!

4. Ella is VERY strong willed and stubborn.

5. Ella has 7 grandparents (4 from me and 3 from Chris) and 4 great

6. She has appeared in the National Down Syndrome Society's Times

Square video for the past two years.

7. Ella has pooped in the potty twice in the past week!

8. She will copy her brother no matter what crazy thing he is doing.

9. She lives to entertain, the bigger the crowd the better!!!

10. Ella answers to many names including Ella Grace, Elly, Ella Gracey, El,
Ella boo, El bell, Monster baby, Elly belly, Sissy, Sis.....that's all I can
think of for now but I assure you there are more : )

11. When Ella was just a couple of days old my mom would sing "You are
My Sunshine" to Ella and Ella would hum back.

12. Ella gets extremely upset when her body will not do what she wants it

13. She is such a monkey, climbs on kitchen chairs, the table, couches,
Hunter's bed, anything possible.

14. She loves books, to be read to and to read to you. Of course it sounds
like "ba ba ba da da bop bop" all while she is pointing at the words,
luckily she knows what she is saying.

15. Ella has some moves, loves music and dancing, it is SO funny.

16. She knows how to turn the TV on and off, which really makes Hunter

17. One of her very favorite things to do is pull the keyboard to the
computer out and bang on it like a mad person.

18. She is very "helpful" she likes to dust, wipe down tables, and help
fold laundry, I just don't know what I would do without her help : )

19. Ella is very good at imaginative play. She feeds her babies, makes
sounds like she is pouring tea into the tea cups when playing with
her tea set, and recently she will walk up to you, pretend to be pulling
something out of her hand and hold it up to you and say "mmmm"
which means that you must pretend to eat it.

20. She is a MASTER manipulator!!!!

21. Despite having Down syndrome characteristics Ella looks a lot like
Hunter but also looks A LOT like my mom as a child.

And one extra - Ella is a joy, she is a gift to me and everyone that meets her, she has Down syndrome but she is definitely her own person, with tons of personality, attitude, sweetness, and a lot of sass!!!

"Most people see what is, and never see what can be." - Albert Einstein


Shawndi84 said...

CUTE! I'm so glad you did the 21 facts! I love learning new things about everyone!! Funny about the billions of names that she answers to- I thought poor Ray Ray was the only one!!

To answer your question about when A'Reian actually started speaking.. I would say it is very recent- like within the last few months which would have put her at about 32 months. I was getting worried that she was so comfortable with signing that she just wouldn't even try talking, but it came overnight. Along with everything else she does!

Anonymous said...

"Little Missy" sure has a lot of little quirks and talents! Obviously she is FULL of personality, too! We love ya's--Aunt Tami and family

Maya said...

My Ellie goes by Ella-Belle too! So cute. I have actually just recently started calling her simply "Belle." Don't know where that came from!
Yours is just so stinking cute I can't stand it.