Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Looks good.

Get It Down; 31 for 21

Well, we had the Upper GI test done today, they decided to not do the small bowel follow through (Honestly I think they just didn't want to do the extra work) and all seemed to look good.
Seriously, do they not know how to talk to people, patients, parents?? These people had no bedside manner, and were not at all comforting to my poor Ella, who was strapped with her arms over her head flat on a board with a giant medal (X-ray machine) thing about 2 inches from her face. We had to check in at 7:30am and got in there at 10 so I was already slightly annoyed. Anyhow, Ella drank the Barium and then followed it up with some apple juice like such a good girl, they did see her reflux in action which was interesting to see as an X-ray, but said her intestines seemed to look fine but that they would further examine the films. Whatever, I was confident that everything was fine, she is far too healthy for it not to be.
I don't have any more new pics so I thought I would do pictures of Halloweens past....

Darling Devil, Hunter

7 months old

This isn't halloween
but look at those

Spiderman 2005

Off to trick-or-treat

1 1/2 years old

Tigger 2006

2 1/2 years old

Just cute 2006

1 1/2 months old


Ella ready for

trick or treating

Policeman! 2007

3 1/2 years



1 1/2 years old

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Kristen said...

What fun costumes!!

The medical people could do so much of a better job easing parents and the child during such procedures. It's really pathetic! I sure hope all turns out good...and it's an easy fix for her reflux.

BTW, I finally mailed Ella's hat today. I hope she likes it. :)

Cammie Heflin said...

Too cute! I love Ella's little rolls on her arms, they are too cute!

Mary said...

OK I know you have told me how much your kids are alike but the pictures of Hunter's first Halloween could seriously be Ella. Well a boy versions but holy cow.

I think we could offer a course in all med schools about how to talk to parents. If we could get them to buy it we could make millions because it is a skill they all need help in. Remind me to tell you about our ultrasound MD sometime. You know the man that comes out after the tech has a freak out.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just wonder about medical people sometimes? We have had some rough visits as well. I'm sorry it didn't go better. Go Ella for being such a trouper!!

Love the Halloween pics...that's the cutest butterfly and policeman I've ever seen!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I must say that those people in the medical field that are not so wonderful in relating to patients--give the rest of us who ARE a bad name!!! Not all of the medical professionals out there are awful, just like in any job there are some bad seeds! I can relate to the less than empathetic ways because there have been times where I have taken Shaylin in for her bladder studies and they just expect a child (and parent) to adjust to odd conditions without protest! There are going to be issues when you are dealing with children and medical professionals should be more accomodating to their needs by listening to parents! But I would like to believe that there are more out there doing their best to be helpful and empathetic than not. I am glad to hear that it sounds like it came back just fine. Something that should have been so simple ended up being way too complicated! I wish that I could apologize for all of those mishaps that happen in the medical field, but honestly most of those kinds of mishaps dont have to happen in the first place! Schedules CAN be kept on time and people CAN be more accomodating! It is NOT too much to ask. Ok I am done with my rant too. Ha.

I love all of the costumes, and I must say I think so far my favorite of Hunter's is the policeman and Ella's is the butterfly! Cant wait to see what they are going to be this year! It just keeps getting better and better!! We love ya's--Aunt Tami and family

Celine said...

Great costumes!
What are they going to wear this year?

moplans said...

oh look at the cute bug!
we just had Julia's gtube replaced and though the professionals tried to be comforting I think more needs to be done to calm the kids.