Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 20

Get It Down; 31 for 21
Tomorrow Ella and I have to check in at the hospital at 7:30AM (have I ever mentioned on here that I am NOT a morning person????) Ella is having an upper GI through small bowel study done. I'm not really concerned about it, her pediatrician wants it done because of Ella's reflux and constipation issues. I'm pretty sure her issues are just due to her low muscle tone. I am not looking forward to this study though, Ella's strong point is NOT sitting or laying still and she is not allowed to eat so that she will drink their barium mixture. What they fail to realize is that Ella would eat or drink no matter what, so I am going to have a grumpy hungry child on my hands!! At 11:30 tomorrow Ella will begin her extra speech therapy session, I requested that Ella receive extra speech on top of what she gets during toddler group and the school agreed. So she will be getting an extra 45 minutes a week. Speech has always been my major concern with Ella, the physical stuff comes easier to her then the speech. Ella is doing fantastic learning more signs all the time and trying to imitate sounds and words but I still feel like she is behind because she did not start speech till she was 13 months old.

Wednesday morning I have to get up early again, I have to be at Ella's school at 7:45. I was asked to share my story about Ella and how the Guild School has helped us for their Board of Trustee's meeting. No problemo there, I could talk about Ella all day long : )

Here are some pics from 2 weeks ago..

Ella is such a
Nana's girl!!

Kissing through the
chair, all Ella's

Kisses for
quack quack

Drink break

You better not
get my drink

"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections." - unknown


Michelle said...

Ohmygosh - that picture of Ella keeping an eye on her duck is SO cute! I mean, all the pics are cute, but that one gave me the giggles - so much personality!

Good luck tomorrow morning!

Shawndi84 said...

Yep, I agree.. that last picture is HILARIOUS!! A'reian had that upper GI/bowel study too... It was a pretty simple procedure. She just grew out of the acid reflux and constipation both. :) Good Luck!

Clh03uga said...

Gosh she's gorgeous! She has YOUR eyes!!!! You're mom still looks as cute as ever!!!!!

Kristen said...

Oh wow, I laughed so hard at that last picture!! Your caption made it even cuter.

The quote you ended with...that is goooooddd!!

Michelle said...

I hope everything goes well with the dr appt tomorrow!

Amy Flege said...

oh i hope it all goes ok tomorrow! i will be thinking of her! love those pictures.. precious!

Anonymous said...

I am sure missy will do just fine tomorrow with the bowel study. It is a pretty basic procedure, getting her to be still during the picture time may be a bit of a challenge though. I laughed so hard at the look she is giving that duck! She is just so darned cute!! We love you guys and miss you all so much--Aunt Tami and family

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Kennedy just had that EXACT test done yesterday... but hers was to see if they could find a reason for the diarrhea! LOL I hope Ella did better with it than Kennedy did... I'm still playing catch up on blogs so I'll look for an update!