Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10 - Ella's first sleep over

On September 3rd Ella attended her very first friend sleep over! Her sweet friends Xochitl and Isali learned that Ella had never been to a sleepover and insisted that they have one for her! It was the cutest thing ever. The girls all hid and when we came in they all jumped out and yelled "surprise" and Xochitl and Isali ran over and gave Ella big hugs, definitely made this mama tear up! Ella had a blast. The girls had made cupcakes, they played limbo, duck duck goose, Dance Central on the XBox 360 (which was hysterical) dress up and they watched movies. I of course spent the night too because I would never subject Daci (Xochitl and Isali's mom) to a night of Ella alone. And I was right....guess who stayed up the latest? That's right, my Ella. Finally at 2AM I had to basically pin her to the air mattress and hold her still until she fell asleep, only for her to wake up at 8am with the rest of the girls! Ella had a blast and I did too!!!

Hmmm...I think she has an unfair height advantage for limbo!


How low can you go?

Duck Duck Goose - Ella's favorite game!

Running from Xochitl

Ella LOVED the pink hair!

Ella had a blast dressing up!

Xochitl and Ella

Yep, Hunter was there too. (poor kid that's what happens when your dad works get stuck at a girls sleepover!) The girls tortured him, it doesn't appear that he minded too much though : )

Watching movies in bed


Morgan Matula said...

<3 it!!!! She is so beautiful, and what a fun time for her!!! :) She has some great friends there!

Heather said...

She really is just a perfect little girl. :) Love that dress-up picture by the way!

Kelli said...

awww, this is so sweet!!