Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 - Ella's real birthday

More pictures : )

My dad and Debbie were here visiting from Georgia for a week and got to spend Ella's birthday with us (which is also their wedding anniversary!) Here is the best out of about 12 pictures of the 4 of them!!
Love this one!
We went out to eat at Red Robins (the favorite birthday dinner place!) They of course sang to here and brought her an ice cream sundae and balloons!

Nana and Ella


Daddy and Ella

Woo hoo a Barbie and five dollars, makes a girl excited : )

Cake time....AGAIN LOL!

Today is our appointment with the Endocrinologist....I'm sure I'll have lots to write tomorrow : )

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Warrior Mom said...

Ok, seriously could Ella get any cuter!?!?!? Looks like she enjoyed that sundae! Also - how is it that Nana looks like she could be Ella's mom?? What a youthful Nana!! Glad Ella enjoyed so many festivities ... 5 years old is certainly reason to celebrate!