Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8 - Lunch Date

Yesterday Ella and I had a break from our usual Friday, which consists of both speech and OT. So, we scheduled a hot lunch date with our favorite boy!!

When it was time to get ready to go Ella knew exactly what she wanted to wear.

"I wear guitar shirt. Hunter loves it! And my new sketcher boots!" Once I got her all dressed she said "take my picture, put it on the puter (computer.)" Never thought I'd hear those words but was so happy to obey!

Ella's glasses were missing for a few minutes...I found them in the laundry where she had put her PJ's away. Here she is all excited to go to "big boy school," to have lunch with Hunter!

Her new boots....I want some for me!

Hunter was so adorable at school, he ran up to us and picked Ella up and spun her around. He is just the sweetest. His teacher came up to us and bent down to talk to Ella, she said that Hunter was so excited for her to meet his little sister and had been talking about her all week. She asked Ella what her name is and then when we started eating she asked Ella what she was having to which she replied "chips and peanut butter honey sandwich. My favorite!" and the teacher understood every word : ) I just love watching Hunter in his element. He is SO social and it always makes me giggle how all the girls just adore him, LOL!

I mean seriously, who wouldn't love this face???


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, so sweet! Hunter and Ella are so sweet. Love the boots! Claire likes to hide her glasses under the bed :)

Runningmama said...

Every time you write about Hunter and Ella's interactions it reminds me so much of my Ethan and Emily and it makes me smile!