Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28 - Proud

I am a proud mommy. Really proud. I have two wonderful children. I know this. My kids are smart and funny and sweet (most of the time) and when people tell me these things my heart swells. Today I went to Hunter's 2nd grade class' Halloween party. The kids were making spider cookies and I was squatting in front of Hunter's desk.

This lady comes in and says hi to Hunter, then asks him if I am his mom? Hunter replies "Yep!" with a big grin on his face. The lady tells me my son is amazing, he really is the sweetest most kind hearted kid.

"Aww thanks," I reply.

She tells me she is Mrs (I forget her name.) the special ed teacher that works with "K" and that Hunter is so sweet to him and truly a good friend and helper. "K" LOVES Hunter." K is a little guy in Hunter's class that has CP.

Instant tears. She then says "I know he has a little sister with Down syndrome, he likes to tell me all about her. But, I think he'd be this compassionate even if he didn't."

Seriously? Way to make a mommy cry at a party.

She asked Hunter to go sit by his buddy for a picture for K. Hunter went right over and straighted up K's eagle head. It was just such a sweet moment for me.
With his yummy spider cookie that he made

Another cute moment was that this little guy kept signing something to me and I didn't know what he was saying (my signing vocabulary was just enough to understand a 2 year old) Hunter sighs and says "MOM he is telling you that he is an eagle. K loves eagles!" Which made "K" smile big and shake his head yes! I don't know what was going on in this pic but it made me laugh!

I just love this boy!!!!

I think that if I were a parent of only "typical" kids this wouldn't be so tear inducing to me. I would just think that it was cool that Hunter had friends of all abilities. But I think because I have Ella I realize that not every kid will be friends with her, not every one will just accept her as she is. Ella has so far had a best buddy in each of her preschool classes and I think she has been generally accepted just because preschoolers don't really pay that much attention to ability. I just hope that she has a friend like Hunter when she is in 2nd grade!!!

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Alaina and Kyle said...

That made me tear up. It shows you the hearts some kids have. You have a special boy thats for sure!!