Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26 - Fieldtrip

I had the pleasure??? of going on a field trip to Hidden Acres Farm today with 28 preschoolers. It was freezing cold but at least it wasn't raining! Ella was all out of sorts, I'm thinking she might have a sinus infection, but we still managed to have some fun!

Here she is this morning before we left the house.
Here we are on the bus. She was so excited to ride the bus.....because we don't do buses with Ella in general. She did pretty good though I had to remind her several time to sit down.
My beautiful flower.

The hay maze. Ella was NOT a fan and stood at the entrance refusing to move, even though her class was way ahead of us. Me being the nice mommy that I am pushed her in, only for her to start bawling. So, of course I had to pick her up and carry her until I couldn't possibly carry her anymore (because I was also carrying a large bag with extra clothes, coats, and diapers and wipes because we are in the middle of a Miralax clean out and no one wants to be stuck on a farm with poop all over themselves.) She decided that it wasn't too bad once we were in the middle of it.

Then we came to this big pile of hay bales. She thought it looked pretty cool and climbed right on up with the other kids....

and then freaked when it was time to come down because she had to use her hands and touch the hay which she was NOT a fan of. So she froze right there

and I had to climb up and get her.

After that we explored some tee-pees. But she refused to go in them once she peeked inside to find several shrieking/yelling preschoolers inside.

Then we visited some sheep and a pig. You can see how she felt about that.

We then went to pick a pumpkin. She freaked out there because the vines or weeds or whatever they were were nearly as tall as her and a couple touched her so she then refused to walk again, which meant I had to carry her, which meant no pictures. Once we found a good pumpkin (most were rotten) I set her down and told her to pick it up. Apparently she had been sucking her thumb so it was wet, well she put her hand in the dirt and it all turned to mud on her thumb which made her cry even more. I was really tempted to leave the dirt on so that she wouldn't suck on it, ha ha!

Then we went on to pick apples. This she enjoyed!

After the apples we headed over to go on a hay ride, which requires you to sit on....HAY! That was so not happening, but she was fine sitting on my lap. So no pictures of that either.

Finally Ella's favorite part of the day.....lunch!

I really think she must not be feeling very good because this was so unlike her. She is currently on hour 2 of her nap. Poor baby.

PS - I still have some more to write about the Conference!

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Mary said...

Did you run into Riley at the farm? He was there with his daycare. They had a blast too! I have one tired boy on my hands tonight. He had to go to school when they got home from the field trip. Poor kid... too bad his mom isn't nicer.