Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 - Top Soccer

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This past spring Ella played Top Soccer which is for people with disabilities. Each person has a "buddy" and Ella's buddy was a really sweet 8th grader named Josie. This experience was interesting for me, and by interesting I mean frustrating. It was held in a large indoor soccer arena, the older children/young adults played on one end and the younger ones played on the other end. There was A LOT going on, it was very busy and a bit loud, and there were a lot of people with each player having a buddy (some having 2 buddies) and all the coaches etc. I think Ella was just too overstimulated and there was not a whole lot of soccer being played by her. She spent her time running around the arena (with her buddy in chase), laying down in the soccer net, climbing in rubbermaid get the idea. I spent my time watching (we weren't allowed in there) and getting angry. I mean seriously kid can't you just do what you are supposed to? My mother liked to keep pointing out that Ella wasn't the only one doing those things, but to me it felt like it. I don't know why I let things like that get to me. I guess because I know that Ella really is a bright girl and she really can be well behaved and so it makes me crazy when she gets all well...crazy. I know that she gets overstimulated and I know that that means that she CAN'T function as she normally does. I really do know that. But it still just drives me nuts, I'm working on it : )

Anyhow, Ella seemed to enjoy it, especially the last day which ended in a pizza party, cookies and a trophy!!!

Enjoying her cookie

Ella and Riley

If these two ever do end up getting married we will have so many good photos to put up at their wedding to show how early they loved each other. LOL!

Ella and her sweet buddy Josie

Ella running through the line to get her trophy giving high fives!

Now she decides to play hard to get : )
Josie made Ella this cute little crown!!


RK said...

I understand your frustration. It's hard to watch them not show their best for all to see. Especially when they ARE so charming usually. :o)

lovemy3 said...

She's beautiful! Don't worry my "typical" son used to play "power rangers" in the middle of his soccer he is one of the best on his team!

Mary said...

Soccer was an experience thats for sure. These pictures crack me up. I guess if they get married Riley will learn to hide her meds for her. I bet he'd give her something yummy like chocolate.

Cory said...

OMGoodness... I have not visited your blog in a while, which is a fail on my part... becuz, look what I have missed. I have been smitten with your girl for some time. :) She is so beautiful! I can't believe she is 5. I love how involved you guys have her in life... great job mom.

Karrie said...

Oh my.......I LOVE the pictures of Ella and Riley! Too cute!!!