Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23 - Ds Conference Part 1

This past August my mom, Ella and I went to the NDSC Conference in San Antonio, TX and we had a BLAST!!!! I have a lot of pictures to share and my thoughts on the whole thing (which is that it was awesome,) and I will start with pics of Ella in the kiddie pool. The hotel that the convention was at had an amazing water park, including a kiddie pool with slides, a few adult slides, a huge pool, an adult only pool and best of all a huge lazy river! I only took pictures the first couple of minutes of swimming because I was having too much fun!! I want to go back!!!


Dawn said...

Me too!!!! What a great weekend!

Lady L said...

OK, it's not going to be that much fun in DC?? And... I'm so jealous of her hair. Camille finally has a cute haircut (after 3 years and 80 tantrums at the salon) but I still want Ella's hair! :)

Lady L said...

Lady L- that's me, Larina Pierce. Why did I call myself that?? :)