Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5 - Princess Ballet

I tried getting Ella into dance about this time last year. The first class went great, the second not so good, and the third was the last. Ella has been doing so good behavior wise lately and the kid LOVES to dance so I thought we'd give it a second chance. After all it has been over a year. My mom told me about a studio she read about in the paper so I looked it up. They had a class called Princess Ballet and it is for 3 year olds. I wrote the owner of the studio and told them about Ella, that she is 5, has Ds, etc. They said she was welcome to come and try it out. I decided to try out the 3 year old class because lets face it, even though Ella does really well, physically she is at about a 3 year old level. Plus I was thinking that she would be the tallest one and perhaps the leader in the class. Well, yesterday was the first day of class and it wasn't a total disaster : ) Ella for some reason did not want to separate from me, which is NEVER the case, so I had to go sit in on the class which to her gave her permission to leave whatever she was doing and run to me and then run back over and over again. Otherwise she did pretty good, she kept up physically with the other girls. She was definitely not the tallest, as in one out of the 6 little girls was the same size as Ella, everyone else was taller. Oh well. I chatted with the teacher a bit after and she asked great questions about auditory/sensory stuff and how Ella does with that (she said she has a child with Autism so she knows how that stuff can effect kids,) and that she would be glad to have Ella in the class. So, for this month at least Ella is a Princess Ballerina!!


Becca said...

How awesome! Yay, Ella! We had a bad experience with one class last year, and I never looked back. Actually, the next day after that we discovered that she had strep, but I was scarred by the experience and figured she'd never want to participate in a dance class. You've given me some hope to perhaps try again... And I totally agree with getting her into the younger class. I'd look at a 3-year old class for Sammi, too. But Sammi takes after her mommy - can't dance to save her life. LOL

Love the pics of your beautiful girl! So glad you're blogging regularly again!

Unknown said...

Very COOL!! Go Ella! By the way, she is too cute for words!!

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad you're blogging!!! Loving these posts. Ella looks so grown up and still lovely as ever!