Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3 - End of T-ball

So after our experience with soccer I was a bit hesitant to try t-ball when the time came (I had been excited about t-ball all winter long but as the time neared not so much.) I was worried she would act like she did in soccer and that she wouldn't actually play t-ball. But, much to my surprise she took to t-ball right away and loved it. This team was all "typical" girls ages 5 and 6, obviously Ella has Ds and was only 4. She was definitely the smallest, she could barely even pick up the softball with one hand, but she was a part of the team. The girls all loved her, and were kind of in her face all of the time : ) I think part of the reason for success on this team was that Ella is a huge copier, she will copy kids good or bad. So, if ALL of the other little girls were doing something Ella would then go right over and do it too. Is this an example of why inclusion is so important to me, you bet!!!! Now, I'm not saying that the whole season was perfect, not at all. Ella definitely had her moments. She did not like playing out in the field, unless she was playing 1st base or pitcher (which happened to be the ONLY two positions that got any play.) Luckily I was allowed on the field so I spent a lot of time making her stay in her spot while she was bored, which I must say she was not the only girl who was bored out of their minds out there and having trouble staying in their spots. But come time to hit the ball and run the bases Ella was perhaps the most enthusiastic player, it helped that everyone cheered for her often including the opposing team, and if you know Ella you know she loves attention!! So overall I'd say t-ball was a huge success and we can't wait to play again next spring!

Where ever Ella would stop and wait for her turn to bat, girls would just surround her, it was quite cute.

Standing on 2nd base

Daddy helping her get in position

Team cheer

The team

Funny faces!

Waiting to get her medal

I know it's dark, but the look on her face is so cute!

Ella and her best buddies Xochitl and Isali

She loved her little medal

The team all headed to DQ for their little team party after the game!


lovemy3 said...

What a cutie!

PB and JS said...

I saw you on the 31 for 21. My little Ds girl is 5 months. Ella is about the cutest thing ever.