Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 for 21: ANOTHER b-day party

On August 27th we had party number 2 for Ella : ) That girl LOVES a party. This time we were at my grandparents house!!

Grandad pushing Ella on the swing on the back porch

Trying out different settings on my new camera....this one is painting

Grandmom and Ella playing grocery shopping!
Nana and Ella sharing some love
Ella thanking Paige for a new Polly Pockets!!
New food from grandmom!!!  Ella LOVES her kitchen play!
A Birthday Girl Ribbon from Mrs MaryAnn!
The party prize bags from G-mom!

Hunter loves his new Hot Wheels Squinkees!
I'm pretty sure nothing makes this kid happier than staring at cake/cupcakes and people singing to her!!

Reading with Mrs MaryAnn
Here is what too much partying looks like, lol!
Ella...How old are you?
This picture made me laugh : )
Awww!!  Ella and her Great Grandmom.  Both pretty in pink!!1
And two creepy looking kids looking in the kitchen window with a little assist from Uncle Dustin. LOL!

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