Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 for 21: Summer vacation

I think this month I will just use weekends to add pictures that I want included on this blog....even though they may have already been put on the other blog : ) Oh well...I think a lot of people don't read on the weekends anyways! This past August we headed down to Georgia to visit all of my family that lives down there, my Dad and Debbie, my grandparents, and my brother and his family! While we were there we drove down to Alligator Point, Florida and had an awesome time! My kids are HUGE water lovers so a week of pool and ocean was great! Ella even learned how to swim without floaties while we were there (I'll post video of that on another post!) Anyhow here are some pictures from just one day there!
Here is Hunter riding to the beach!
Ella was in a very photogenic mood today...that almost never happens so I took full advantage of it : )

Hunter on the other hand wanted NOTHING to do with having his picture taken today.  In addition to being calm today, we could also see in the ocean easily today and visited a really cool sandbar.  We found lots and lots of sand dollars but they were alive so we let them go.  We also found tons of hermit type crabs!  Oh yeah and a huge jelly fish swam past us....and I ran out of the ocean screaming taking Ella along with me, lol!  Here is Hunter and one of the hermit crabs.

I've been tryng to get a close up pic of Ella's eyes...they are SO pretty when we are out swimming in the ocean but of course I can't take my camera out there...these were the best I could do!
And of course the boy with the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes!!!!!!!!!!!