Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 for 21

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that Ella has issues with noise. She HATES anything loud, especially if it startles her. When she was really little sudden laughter would make her cry, she still doesn't like it and will tell us "no laugh!" When Hunter and Chris wrestle, she will cry and run away. The kid just doesn't like loud. Lately though it has seemed to get a bit worse. Situations that she would usually just cover her ears for were making her cry. For example, at Hunter's soccer game a few weeks ago Chris and I cheering for Hunter made her sob. I decided enough was enough. I remember reading about other kiddos with Ds who's parents got them sound blocking headphones and figured I would start there!

  Now I will say that I am not a fan of putting things on Ella that will cause people to stare at her more than they already do. I don't enjoy the constant attention. I did NOT want to deal with glasses when she got them when she was 4, and a big part of that was that I was mad that it was just another thing that made Ella look different. You know, one more thing to deal with. The thought of putting headphones on Ella made me a big uneasy. I TOTALLY understand that this is all MY issue, but it is what it is and I can't help the way I feel. Anyhow, I ordered Ella the brightest pink headphones in the the world. I was kind of afraid that she wouldn't wear them. But to my amazement the kid LOVES them. At the first soccer game she wore them at when we would cheer she would tap the side of her ear phones, smile really big and shake her head yes. She can still hear, it just muffles some of the sound. The big test was this past Saturday. We went to a Spokane Chiefs hockey game and it is super loud in there. I was nervous that they wouldn't block enough sound, but they did and she had a blast and was so well behaved!!!!

Yes, people do stare even more. In fact at the hockey game I kept watching this lady who was sitting in front of Ella turn around and STARE. Like not trying to hide it just flat out staring and watching Ella. She would occasionally look my way and see me staring back at her and would smile. I'm sure she was just trying to figure out what all was going on with Ella. LOL. Nothing malicious just curious. And guess what...it didn't bother me! I think...MAYBE...I have finally come to a place where I just don't care. Stare away. She is pretty amazing don't you think. Of course I know that I won't feel that way when people are staring because Ella is freaking out about something or being naughty, but you know what I mean : )

  Anyhow, the point of this post is that these headphones rock. I feel so bad that I didn't get them 6 years ago. They obviously help my girl be in situations that would otherwise really bother her. YAY!


Becca said...

I haven't tried Sammi's headphones out in any loud situations myself yet (same ones, btw), but she has them in her backpack for school every day and she uses them when she has PE and the gym is really, really loud. She also loves them!! I told her we were going to go to a bowling birthday party next weekend, and the first thing she asked was if she can wear her headphones. I, too, feel sooooo bad for not having gotten them before, thinking it was something she should become desensitized to or outgrow, but pain is pain, and to see her in pain is so heartbreaking, especially when there's something that can be done about it. I'm so glad they're working out for Ella! I am prepared to not mind the stares, too, and am so excited for the doors this will open up for Samantha!

Molly said...

I was (and still kind of am) noise sensitive. I applaud you for finding a way to keep Ella engaged in fun stuff like sports games, without her continuing to be uncomfortable. Those are the CUTEST little headphones ever.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you're willing to let go of your own issues for something that works for Ella. I have my own issues with noise so I can imagine some of what Ella is feeling. Sometimes the world (or an event) can be SO loud I wish it was acceptable for me to put my hands over my ears.

FWIW maybe that lady wasn't staring at Ella because she was wearing headphones, but because she's so darn cute!

Unknown said...

Brilliant! I had thought of doing this but the only ones we have found doing fit on Claire's little head. Where did you get them?

RK said...

Good problem solving. :) Would love to know where u got them. Are they only for sound canceling or can they be for listening to sound input as well?