Friday, October 5, 2012

31 for 21 : Zombies

Here is a funny little video of Ella....well funny to me. Chris said that we should have done her eye surgery closer to Halloween because she would have made an awesome zombie with her red eyes. That created a LOT of conversation with Ella about zombies, especially at dinner time! And in case you can't tell in the video she is saying "braaaaaains." Poor kid.
If you can't see it above click here

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Molly said...

It is possible you are raising one of the most awesome kids ever. She does a great "brainnnnnnssss"

One of my kiddos (soccer players) with autism LOVES zombies. I knew he approved of one of my friends when he came to help out with practice and the kid deemed him a "big man zombie". That's high praise in his eyes.

What does milk do? "Spill" LOVE it. These Ella videos are great.