Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 for 21: More picture catch up

On August 26th we had Ella's first birthday party of this year in Georgia at my Dad and Debbie's house!!    Presents and cake make my girl VERY happy. She seriously enjoys her birthday more than anyone I have ever seen!!!

BeBe mowed the grass before my family came over, Hunter was very disappointed to find that he cannot reach the pedals on this tractor!
Let the presents begin : )

This card was super sings and Ariel's tail swishes back and forth!
Giving her cousin Paige a thank you kiss for her presents : )

Nana got her this book....Kindergarten Here I Come.  Sniff sniff.  How is my baby old enough to go to Kindergarten??
And her fav...Max and Ruby!
Her cute cake!!
Um...oops.  Mommy forgot to tell the boys (my Dad and Chris) to get candles when they picked up the cake.  So BeBe stuck 6 matches in the cake!  Ella sure did not mind!!!!
Taking a bite out of the cake.
Nearly impossible to get these two to look and smile at the same time!

Paige really liked her icing : )
The boy alwas loves cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rachel said...

Such a princess! Glad Ella had a fun birthday. Also loved Ella's school picture. Absolutely gorgeous. Cutest school photo I think I have seen in a long time.