Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 for 21: Halloween!!!!!

Today turned out to be a great day!!!! Ella did great and was not too scared at all!! Here is my doctor before heading off to school.  Super cute!!
I some how ended up in charge of Ella's Kindergarten class party.  Here she is doing a cake walk.
Eating some snacks and a sucker at the same time, lol.
More snacks : )
I had 4 moms come up to me at the party and tell me how their little girls talk about Ella all the time!  I told one of them that that I love that and it makes me so happy, she said "it makes me so happy too!"  I love integration : )  Ella and two of her little friends!
It was so cute, and seriously almost made me cry every time, little girls and their moms kept coming up and asking to get a picture with Ella. 
 Ella dancing to a skeleton song.  I wish I would have recorded this, it was super cute!
I love where Ella is at right now!  Her teachers and therapist are all so impressed with her and truly enjoy working with her.  Her special ed teacher told me today that she looks forward to coming to work everyday and seeing Ella!  She asked if we could have an IEP meeting at conference in a couple of weeks because Ella has met all of her cognitive and speech goals that were written in May. AWESOME!
Here are my doctor and skeleton prisoner before heading out trick or treating.  Ella was a little afraid to stand next to Bubba but got over it surprisingly quick!
Out trick or treating.  I couldn't believe how unafraid she was. Whew!!  She did tire out after about 20 houses so she sat in the van with Daddy while Hunter and I went to about a billion more, lol.


Unknown said...

So cute! Glad she had a good day :)

EN said...

Ella is the cutest doctor I've ever seen! And I'm not the least bit surprised she is the highlight of everyone's day - that child oozes charmisma!

EN said...
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EN said...

I accidentally hit "Publish your comment" twice and then I tried to delete the duplicate. When it says "This comment has been removed by the author," it sounds a lot more scandalous than it is! Ha!