Friday, October 12, 2012

31 for 21: Therapy

I am a big fan of therapies for Ella.  I know some parents aren't, but I am convinced that they have helped Ella a LOT throughout the years!  Ella, however, isn't necessarily a fan.  It's not that she isn't a fan of her therapists, because she actually loves them, it's that she isn't a fan of being told what to do or say, which lets face it that is what therapy is. 

Currently we are only doing speech privately.  We typically do OT too but her therapist hasn't fit us back in yet (we took the summer off.)  Ella goes to afternoon Kindergarten, which is from 12:40 - 3:10 except on Thursdays she goes from 1:10 to 3:10.  This schedule has thrown a wrench in our therapies.  For her three years in preschool Ella had Fridays off.  So we did back to back speech and then OT Friday mornings.  Now we don't have that luxury.  I don't want to do too much before school because I don't want Ella to be tired, or have used up all her good behavior before going to kindergarten.  Anyhow we go Thursday mornings to speech.  Ella loves her therapist, she really does, but she is pretty...stubborn? naughty? rotten?....there!   Here is how yesterday's session went....

Here is Ella cooperating. Her new challenge is that she has a huge open bite (meaning that her teeth don't touch each other in the front) paired with missing several front teeth, means that her tongue is thrusting out more than it should.  Today they worked on "S" sounds by closing her teeth (in the back where they touch) and "keeping the tiger in the cage," which means the tongue behind the teeth, while making the "S" sound.

And then not cooperating....

Then allowing Marie (the therapist) to use PROMPT techniques on her...which is kind of rare, Ella doesn't really like to be touched while being told what to do.
Then total refusal
and then giving her some love to make her forget to distract from the work.
Ah, my girl.  Speech is particularly challenging because a therapist can't MAKE a kid speak.  Luckily Ella's therapist has the patience of a saint.  And, obviously Ella has benefited, because her speech gets better and better everyday.  I LOVE that people who don't know her can understand her. She has come a looooong way!!!


Alaina and Kyle said...

Haha...that's funny! Beau has speech yesterday. I said I hope you don't mind I'm going to take pictures. She laughed and said you were in there doing the same thing :) I told her about the blog and why. Beau just likes to throw her balls all over the room.

Unknown said...

Cute pics with Marie