Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 for 21: Homework

This is the first week of homework for Ella! I have to say I think it's going to be a battle for the next 12 years. UGH. Ella is very quick to get frustrated, especially with me. She says "I can't do it." A LOT. Even adds some tears in there from time to time. The thing is though that she CAN do it, besides some verbal prompting on how to form her letters while writing she totally did it all. She really did do a great job, just required a lot of encouragement, which makes me sad. Since when has that kid ever thought she couldn't do something????

Phew. Thoses S's were hard to write!!

The smile after the tears : )


Cate said...

Is it bad that I'm already contemplating if I can ask them to limit Abby's homework? on her IEP like. Because I look at William's and I way. It's so much busywork but it takes forever. and all the fighting.

Unknown said...

Love it, such a great job Ella! And Mommy!! I know it's hard to be the motivator some times. Claire throws her pencil when she is fed up with her homework,and says "I don't know." the only thing that gets her through is knowing that she has to "urn her Ipad time." She gets the Ipad if she has a star on her behavior chart at the end of the day (only happens about once a week, usually she has a warning)and then she can have it while Alice is napping after her homework is done. I've been having Makenna do it too so she doesn't feel alone, Makenna sure will be ready for Kindergarten :)