Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 for 21: Birthday Part 3

Ella's actual birthday, August 30th.  I can't believe my baby is 7!!!!

Ella woke up to balloons left by Daddy!
Hunter blew up about 50 more...on his own for his sister! Such a sweet boy!!!!  When Daddy woke up she opened up presents!!!

A box set of Doc McStuffins puzzles from Mimi and Papa...that got a "NO WAY!!!!!"
And some water paints too....she loves them both!
Mommy and Daddy got her a boy Cabbage Patch while we were in Georgia! So now Lexi Caillou has a twin : )
She named him.....Caillou. Hilarious!  Grandmom got her some boy clothes and this blanket for her new baby!!!!
Hunter picked out a Tangled music/jewelry box at the Disney store.....she LOVES it!

Thank you Bubba!!!!!
He also picked her out Lady, from one of Ella's favorite movies Lady and the Tramp!

Lady and Ariel....yep we hit the Disney store while in GA : )
Bubble Guppies!
Unfortunately I cut her head off...but she was excited to get Super Buddies, the commercials for it have been making her mad all summer. It finally came out!
Opening Nana's present!

Her very own cars!
And her very own parking garage! I'm telling you she is a well rounded little girl, babies, hair salons and cars and airplanes!!!!
The hilarious part was Hunter faked passing out because she got these two gifts that clearly he would love. He dropped to the floor and Ella says "Hunter is confused" without missing a beat, followed by "it's okay, I will share!"  I LOVE it, we got a good laugh out of the confused part. That girl doesn't miss a thing!

Hugging the fainted Hunter : )
Daddy helped put together the parking garage. So cool!!!
After presents we headed to lunch at Red Robins!  Guess who met us there....Riley!!!!!  These two sure missed eachother this summer!
I love these kids!!!!  Rex, Hunter, Riley and Ella
Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!
The girl LOVES to be sang to!
Ella sharing a bite of her ice cream with Riley....only after he got sad. LOL

Daddy giving the birthday girl some love before he headed off to work!
Though this isn't the best pic, not sure what Miss Sassypants is doing but Riley (and Mary and Rex) brought Ella 4 awesome balloons!!  She was SO excited when she saw them!!!!
These next pics really need no narrative : )

Riley went over and hugged Hunter and asked us to take a picture...well you know who couldn't be left out of that : )
What a crew!
After lunch we headed over to the park with Nana to play!!!

Then we came back home to play with some of her B-day presents and put together the twin stroller.....for Caillou and Lexi Caillou : )   (Nevermind the Walmart bags in the background, one pile is school supplies and the other is party supplies!)  It was a great day celebrating one amazing little girl!!!!

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