Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 for 21: Seriously????

It's that lovely time of the year where the school fundraisers are in full force. I HATE fundraisers...I get that they are a necessary evil, I guess, but I hate them. This years involves the kids getting lanyards and penguin keychains. Apparently EVERYbody has them. So, in order for them to get a lanyard and 2 penguins and a gross squish ball they had to sell 4 items, a piece. Because of course they have to be equal in their cheap prizes. Thankfully my mother is a sucker for these 2 and so am I : ) So the kids and I went to school early, because you can only get the prizes before school, and went into the gym. I, of course, am the only mom in there other than those handing out the prizes because Ella can't just be unsupervised for 20 minutes before school starts. And let me tell you Ella was keenly aware of the fact that her mom was in there when others weren't. She told me about 20 times "you can go now," annoyed, and kept trying to get in a different line than me. Luckily Hunter could care less that I am there, and I am so thankful that he can still be seen with me! Poor Ella, I love that she gets it, but also hate that she gets it. Know what I mean?

The "seriously" part from the title comes in with these pictures. I THOUGHT that as my kids got older they would totally understand that if they just stand there, look at me and smile we could be done in 5 seconds. BUT NOOOOOOOOO! They are forever thinking of ways to make me crazy.  Hunter's fake smile kills me and Ella just enjoys looking at anything other than me all while jutting out her bottom jaw. So here are 6 of the 15 pics I took tonight...the best 6, ha! SERIOUSLY?????  JUST COOPERATE!  Oh yeah and they are showing off their stupid lanyards and penguins.  I hope they enjoy them cause that's all they get!!!

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