Friday, October 25, 2013

31 for 21: My spirits raised!

I have come to the realization that so much of my mood is directed by my children...most specifically Ella. I don't want to imply that her direct actions always effect how I feel, it's more the indirect stuff, the school stuff, random health stuff, the worries about it all. It all weighs heavily on me, and sometimes my mind gets so bogged down with all of it that I just feel....well blah. Of course I still joyfully interact with my children, and always feel blessed for the life that I have, but my mind constantly races. It's a problem. I know. But then a day like today comes a long and I feel rejuvenated, reset.

 When I went in to pick the kids up today Ella was leaving the music room. She saw me and said "I not get kicked out of music. Just going potty," and showed me the bathroom pass. She independently walked to the bathroom down the hall, did her business and went right back to class, turned in her pass, grabbed her backpack and jacket and came back to me. That in and of itself makes me happy. The level of Independence in that crazy open concept school, the fact that she knows where she is going and that the teachers TRUST her to go by herself says a lot! While she was going to the bathroom Ella's gen ed teacher came up to me in the hall and said that Ella did great with her hearing aids again today, that one fell out during recess and she immediately came running to her teacher for help to put them back in. She said that they had a lockdown drill, followed by a fire drill. The special ed teacher has asked her (the gen ed teacher) if she should send an aide in to be with Ella during the drill because of the noise and confusion and the gen ed teacher told her "no, lets just see how it goes." LOVE THAT. Even better my girl did exactly what she was supposed to do. She didn't freak out due to the loud bells and alarms even with having her hearing aids in, and she didn't get lost or distracted in the confusion. YAY!!

 Chris took Hunter to guitar lessons this evening and Ella and I went and did a sneak attack on Nana at the mall! We were just stopping by to show her Ella's new hearing aids in person and we ended up shopping for 4 hours. I have to say that this is the most fun shopping trip for us 3 girls ever. I, of course, always have fun shopping with my mom but typically when Ella is with us it involves her running off, grabbing everything, having to be strapped in the stroller which at 7 years old she hates! Tonight, none of that. She was awesome! No stroller involved, no asking to be carried, none of it. She was pleasant and happy to be having "girl time!" She entertained many an employee, even had someone stop and say the Pledge of Allegiance with her. The girl is magnetic. Sometimes it takes the good days to make me remember that. People are drawn to her for sure. We did have to make multiple trips to the bathroom, but it was fine, we made it every time and had good conversation walking back and forth, lol, including "mom I love my hearing aids." We even did a girls dinner, just the 3 of us.

 Tonight I have a very happy heart!!!

My little guy about to go to guitar
Giving sissy a kiss goodbye.

Ella and her stuffed unicorn that she got on our shopping trip today!

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Mary said...

I so get it. I hate that my mood goes up and down with that after school report.

I love that the hearing aids are going so well. Must make a difference if she is volunteering that she likes them. Fabulous!