Monday, October 7, 2013

31 for 21: Hearing Aids

Ella had an appointment today to get her molds made for her hearing aids.  We have known since July that she was going to get them but her ENT wanted us to get a second opinion because she has a perforated ear drum on the right side. We saw the specialist that repairs ear drums, in the same practice, and he agreed that surgery was not needed at this point and it would not help her hearing.  Ella's hearing tests have been going down hill for about a year now. They believe that Ella has inconsistent hearing, and I would agree with that. There are days where the kid says "what" after everything you say, and on those days she is significantly harder to understand (at least to me.) There are days where she seems to confuse sounds if I say honey she hears "happy." Then there are days where we can whisper across the room and she hears us.  I do know that during her articulation tests in speech her scores have gone down over the past year.  Who knows.

Ella did awesome getting her molds today. They squeeze some goop into the ear canal and it has to stay there until it hardens up...luckily that is only about 2 minutes.  I just knew that Ella was going to freak out, but as usual the kid proved me wrong : )  She will be sporting some wild colored hearing aids in 2 weeks!!!!

Ella brought home the extra goop that had already hardened. She fit her baby for hearing aids. So cute!


Mary said...

I'm pretty sure I world have a total melt down if someone put that goo in my ears. Not to mention the end result of it making a cork. I am not sure how Riley can stand it.

Unknown said...

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Adam, Jaci, Grant, Grace and Amelia said...

Grace has to get hearing aids,too. She also has a perforated ear drum but they chose to leave it. She has had the herring aids for about 3 weeks now and it has made such a difference already! I have been wondering why this didn't happen sooner. Good luck!