Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 for 21: Happy Day...mostly.

Ella wore her hearing aids to school today for the first time. The hearing aid lady (man I really need to figure out her title) suggested that this week Ella only wear them at home and "practice." Well, Ella asked to wear them to school and has done great so I figured why not. I will admit I was super nervous all day, worried she would mess with them, worried she would be overwhelmed by things being a little louder, and worried she would lose them. But all that was for least for today...Ella wore them ALL day. Her gen ed teacher said it was like they weren't even there, that she didn't see her mess with them at all. Including gym class!!!! Hooray! I am so proud of her! Also, when I picked her up today a little boy standing in front of her in line said "Guess what? Ella scored a goal in gym today!" So sweet. I am so glad that the kids in her class, kids I know in the school, and kids in Hunter's class fill me in on some of the things Ella does during the's pretty much the only communication I get.

The not so great part of the day, I think Ella's bladder issues are back.  I'm not sure I wrote about them before but Ella started having a lot of pee accidents and was having some pretty serious anxiety over it. She didn't want to get in the van because she had several accidents in there and she didn't want to sleep because she was afraid she would pee the bed.  She would go to the bathroom several times right before we would walk out the door. I took her in and they screened her urine and all was good. The doctor thought that maybe she was having bladder spasms and put her back on the medication we used to expand her bladder 2 years ago, a smooth muscle relaxer, for 2 weeks. That seemed to take care of the issue. Now she has been off of the meds for about 2 weeks and woke up this morning soaked. No biggie, though that never happens. Then this afternoon I had her go to the bathroom right before we walked out the door to get Hunter, not 20 minutes later she had an accident in the van. Ugh. It upsets her, though I was able to blow it off as no big deal and she was okay tonight but I don't want to start this again. Guess I'm going to have to take her to the urologist.  Anyone else had this issue???

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