Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 for 21: Cabbage Patch

This summer we took Ella to Babyland General Hospital where Cabbage Patch babies are born. I went when I was a little girl and still remember that visit! I am SOOOO glad that my little girl loves to play baby dolls like I did....and possibly even more!

Both of my babies sitting in the giant cabbage when we first got there!  Ella was just a little excited!

Looking at older Cabbage Patch Dolls...that are now worth $15000! The 3rd one in this pic is the 2nd one ever made, in 1977!
In the incubator
Ella playing with the babies!
Grandmom and Ella at the wishing well!

Look, they have matching noses!!!
Holding one of the "newborns" that we watched be born!
My sweet boy, he was so good!
Ella got to choose a baby. She carried all 5 of these "Babyland exclusive" exclusive babies around. Here was the final lineup to choose from!
The winner!

Watching the 2nd baby be born from mother cabbage. It's SOOO cute!!!

Ella saying the adoption oath. She had to repeat the oath line by line and did so good! She promised to be the "best mama to her baby."
It's official! She is the mama to Lexi, that is the name she chose : )
Handing me the birth certificate!
Hunter, Ella and Grandmom in front of the hospital.
Here is what they looked like up close......"too bright!!!"

I just love this boy!

Babyland General Hospital. Cleveland, Georgia
Ella LOVES her new baby! Thank you to Grandad and Bebe for getting it for her!!!